Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Book Covers

I have been madly making book covers - which are great for trying new techniques with!
I was planning to make the first one as a gift but then it got so colorful I didn't think the intended recipient would like it, so decided to keep it for myself. this was lucky as when I went to assemble it, I made it to small! Now I have got it to fit on the book but the corners are all daggy as I trimmed the corners the first time I stitched it, and of course when I tried to make it bigger, the corners didn't have enough fabric to stitch them. Now I am hoping I can find some book corners - I remember being able to get them years ago, so I hope they are still available.

The front of the cover is teal with a thread 'sandwich' insert which includes Angelina fibre and some threads I collected from the daggy edges of some fabric I dyed. I then got totally carried away and stuck hot-fix crystals through the 'sandwich' and also beaded with orange flower sequins and beads. I did not have enough teal for the back so I have stripped some colourful fabrics and then quilted the strips.

The second book cover was much more successful. I used the silk paper I made on the week-end. I quilted it with green thread and then a variegated gold thread. I added a strip of white trim with silver feature circles which I found at Gardams today. This one will be a gift.


  1. GO SUE! Well done, your book covers look great! (and isn't Gardams just HEAVEN?!)

  2. Love your book covers, Sue. How about a lesson in "silk paper" - sounds and looks intriquing.

  3. That green book cover is WAY more spectacular and beautiful In Real Life! Really REALLY pretty, and the quilting is perfect for it!


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