Sunday, September 27, 2015

Progressed to round 3!!!

Pretty excited to have progressed to the third round of the PR sewing bee!  I am feeling exhausted after the last round so what does this round bring?  A lined jacket in 10 days.... my last lined jacket was a year in the making...  ok, may need to apply myself more this time.  

I have only made 3 lined jackets before (blogged here, here and here),  The two more fitted, tailored jackets I use still and the chanel style jacket I have gifted to a friend it suited better (the style and the colour were never great for me).  So what do I make this time?

I really wanted to make a denim jacket as I love top stitching and I thought it might give it the difficulty/extra factor that a contest entry needs.  However I don't have a big enough piece of denim fabric.  I really need to use what I have as I don't want to rely on the local shops as I only have Spotties and Lincraft.  *sigh*  

Back to the drawing board.  After trawling through burdastyle I have come up with this pattern.  

Burdastyle 11-2012-117

Casual enough to fill a hole in my wardrobe, enough difficulty to give me a good entry and I love the retro trench styling.  Plus I have a piece of wool flannel in the stash and it has been one of those pedestal fabrics that I have not been game to set a project to.  I think it will be perfect for this. 

And in other news I attended the local ASG "sewing Skills" day on Saturday and really enjoyed the presentations.  I may have bought a few things too *cough*

black/cream jersey / liberty to die for / knits for real people plus steam a seam, pincushion for sewing machine needles and foe... plus a bottle of wine as a raffle prize (not pictured... not sure what happened to it?)

Ciao kittens, expect quiet for a while as I am making a lined jacket folks... in 10 days!!! seriously...


  1. Yikes--10 days--good luck! and congrats for making it through thus far. Keep up the good work.

  2. I know it going to look great. You have inspired me to sew more jackets.

  3. Congratulations! The jacket is a really cute style. Good luck in getting it done in 10 days.

  4. Oh wow! I'm in awe!
    I'm still finishing the lined jacket from a 2013 PR contest.
    I'm sure you will be awesome, you can accomplish great things when focused.

    -hope that doesn't sound too fortune cookie.

  5. sewing machine needle pin cushion is a pretty good idea! looking forward to seeing the jacket.

  6. Congratulations, Sue!

    The jacket pattern you've chosen looks great. I'm keen to see the finished product.

  7. I love the pattern you chose, especially the belt detail below the body. I wish I can do complicated patterns like that in the future, too! Love your post (like Kayla Green’s! website).


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