Friday, September 11, 2015

More holiday snaps.... Tessuti Suzy pants

Another round of holiday snaps.  This time another pair of Tessuti Suzy pants.  The last pair I blogged about here.  Not a lot to say... great, comfy pants that are so easy to wear.

Cape Tribulation National Park
The top is also new.  It was made for the holiday too.  It is from Ottobre 02/2015 #17. 
I made it from a remnant piece of black bamboo knit fabric.  Divine to wear.  Black is not my best colour but I thought it was a good way to use the last little piece of this luxe fabric.  It is a very straight forward pattern.

I followed the instructions provided on a separate page for doing the bindings.  It has a formula to calculate the length of bindings, so I have noted them down for future reference as I do believe I will make more of this nice simple top.

These pants will always remind of this lovely holiday and are now dubbed my cape trib pants.  Ciao kittens one more round of holiday pics and waiting on tenterhooks to see if I make it through to round two of the PR sewing bee. 


  1. Nice outfit Sue. I love the pants. Good luck with the sewing bee.

  2. Nice outfit. Holiday snaps are nice too. Amazing tree .


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