Monday, September 21, 2015

Cruise frock - finally a photo.

My life is being controlled by sewing my entry for the PR Sewing Bee Round 2 but I thought I should do a very quick post as I have finally got a modeled photo of a dress I made in October last year to take on my cruise.

It is Ottobre 02/2013-19 Twist Knot Dress previously blogged here.  I am pretty sure I made this pattern with no alterations.  It has a nice neckline that sits snug and is at the right height.

This photo was taken at a High Tea in the Boyce Gardens.  Lovely Spring afternoon!

Ciao kittens... back to the work house sewing room.....


  1. Lovely dress in a lovely setting. That looks like a challenging print, but you have really made it work.

  2. Very pretty dress and looks great on you.

  3. Oh that's very nice. I've been waiting to see this dress. Is that a local garden? Looks gorgeous.


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