Sunday, September 13, 2015

More holiday snaps ... Papercut Anima pants

I love both the Tessuti pants I have made recently but the pants I wore the most on holidays (and since coming home) are the Papercut Anima pants I made before I left.  Previous to this I have made them as sweatpants blogged here and as shorts.  I wore all 3 pair while I away depending on the temperatures.  Nights can get cold in a tent (particularly inland).

Cape Hillsborough
The pair I made for the trip were made in a navy stretch crepe bought from Spotlight.  It is a lovely weight for this style and they are soooo comfortable.  This fabric would be too warm for really warm days but living in Toowoomba in a cold wooden house I know I will be wearing them for awhile yet.  I like them as they are comfortable (have I said that already?), I can do whatever activities I like in them (cleaning, gardening,camping, travelling, etc) and still look tidy enough to go to the supermarket.  Brilliant!

My only dislike is the fabric is pilling a bit and has a few pulled threads (courtesy of a certain brown cat).  However that is probably testimony to how much I wear them as well.  Anyway I just plan to keep my eye out for fabric suitable for these pants and pick it up when I see it as I definitely need more of these in the wardrobe.

Ciao kittens... review is here.


  1. Looking smart. I like the thought of pants that take you from cleaning to the shops as sometimes I remember something and run out only to see that friend I haven't seen for years (has happened more times than I care to remember). Congrats, I just read on Maria's blog you got through the sewing bee.

  2. Fabric from Target? Target down south does not have fabric. Cute pants and very current.

    1. Sorry Spotlight - not sure where my brain was at!

  3. The crepe sounds like a wonderful fabric for these, comfortable but more stylish than regular trackies They look lovely on you Sue (and really fab holiday pics)

  4. oooh, big congrats on the sewing bee challenge too, well done!!


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