Thursday, January 24, 2013

RTW camisole knock-off

I love my new sheer top but wanted a cream woven camisole to wear under it and luckily I have a lovely piece of sandwashed silk in the fabric collection.  I couldn't find a pattern, so decided to knock-off the green RTW one I have that came with a sheer green top. I pressed the centre front and centre back seams into the front and back and laid the top on tissue paper.  I then just marked around each of the front and back pieces.  The only difficult part was how to add the dart.   I don't know if I used the correct method, but I sort-of reverse-engineered it and it seemed to work.

In these pictures the green cami is the RTW one and the cream one is my knock-off.

The camisole is cut on the bias, so falls beautifully.  My front top binding isn't as neat as I would like but I got better at it by the time I attached the binding to the back, which carries onto the straps.

I bought a new foot to sew the hem.  A 4mm narrow hem foot (Bernina No. 64).  I had trouble keeping the 'roll' going but eventually worked out to spray starch the hem to make the bias cut silk behave and it went through the foot like a dream.   I also had some difficulty getting it to roll the side seams, so ended up opening the side seam at the hem, hemming to the edges and re-sewing the side seams.  Maybe not the best solution but it worked. 

Ciao kittens, I am starting on a mini-wardrobe of resort wear next... dreaming of a holiday!


  1. Nice work on the straps Sue. I hope your holiday is realised when your collection is done:)

  2. Looks fabulous, Sue, identical to your RTW one. Impressive.

  3. Looks great Sue and the position of the straps is just perfect. Dare I say.....better than RTW. :)

  4. Great job - especially with those fiddly little straps. Looks great.

  5. This turned out really well. Your binding looks great. Thanks for the tip about spray starch, too, I always have a hard time with a rolled hem, so this might just do the trick.

  6. Lovely cami and on the bias makes them just divine to wear.


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