Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First for this year or finishing 2012...

My first finish for 2013, I started in 2012.  It is a nightie I needed.  I used to have a few pair of Peter Alexander slinky nighties, similar to this one, but they are well loved and worn now and no longer in my wardrobe.  I liked these nighties with straps, stretch lace and stretchy fabric.  Very comfy and pretty.  However they were made of polyester and I thought it would be nice to have a silk version.  

When I had a few days clear after Christmas, Birthdays, etc, I started my nightie.  I had a lovely piece of silk jersey which I would have stashed after a little shopping spree at Gorgeous Fabrics.  Just checked and it was bought in November 2010 and the colour is Dawn after the Storm.  Doesn't Ann give her fabrics the best names?

I had a McCalls pattern ready to use as I had cut the pattern pieces ages ago.  However after sorting out all the little bits of scrunched up paper, one piece I needed was missing.  That one ended in the bin as I remembered that kbenco had done a few reviews of a lovely Burda sleepwear pattern - 11-2009-133.

Sold!  I even found a piece of stretch lace bought some other time, with no real purpose and when it came it was much pinker than I expected so I wasn't sure what to use it for... the pink blended and changed colour next to the silk jersey.

I made the longer version 133, not cut on the bias as I was using a stretch jersey but used the straps as per version 134.  134 is the sewing course so has more detailed instructions than you normally get with burda.

The result...

and the back...

You can see it is loose around the back bodice but this makes it very comfortable.  There is elastic on the inside under the horizontal seam line and I did need to use with this soft jersey or it would have been too loose one me.

My only tip on this one is adding the lace at the hem.  As I am using the silk jersey, the hem doesn't need finishing (even though I did finish the seams just to make it noice).  I sewed the stretch lace into a circle, then pinned it to the hem an even distance away - I used the picture on the lace to help me position it and zigzagged the lace right at the edge.

 I then got out the trust-worthy duck-bill scissors and trimmed the excess...

This is how it looked at the end.  The colours in the lace show up a bit better in this shot.

I wore this last night to see how it went and it was lovely to wear.  The only thing I need to do is shorten the loops on the straps as I had to shorten the straps so far, that the sliders came around to the front.

A lovely new silk nightie for the warmer nights, review is here... Ciao!


  1. Oh la la la la - very nice - Love the gathered neckline and the lace under the bust. Lovely.

  2. Lovely nightie and using silk should make it very comfortable to wear in your neck of the woods.

  3. It's absolutely lovely - a silk nighty sounds so luxurious and indulgent:)

  4. That's a pretty gown. It sure beats my t-shirts and jammie pants that I sleep in.

  5. So pretty and love the lace detail.

  6. Your new nightie is gorgeous, Sue, clever you. Knickers from remnants turned out good too

  7. Oh that is so gorgeous and I am also a lover of the Peter Alexander slinkies, now I might have to have a got at making my own.


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