Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hot Patterns Wong-Singh-Jones Marrakesh Pants

Hi all - I have had quite a break from blogging, but I'm baaaack!

I have sewn a few items before and after the New Year that I haven't got photos of as yet so I will try and catch up with some of them soon.

One of the items I made still from 2009 (hemmed New Year's Day) are the Hot Patterns Wong-Singh-Jones Marrakesh Pants.

They are made from a cotton-linen blend bought from Sckaf's fabrics at Indooroopilly (Brisbane). I wasn't super happy with the linen pants I made earlier as they stretched out so much on wearing so I thought trying a blend would be interesting. I think they hold their shape better and because their is a tie in the waist of these pants they don't feel loose after wearing.

I love these pants - here is a photo showing the pocket - they lie so flat!

Beware - white tummy shot! The fly went in really well - notice I managed to match the stripes in the plaid - very happy about that!

There has been some controversy on the boards over at Pattern about the crotch draft. However I didn't have big issues with it. It does make me reluctant to do a review, though. I have not had time to do a review for ages and some of the comments made on this board have really left me with a sour taste and I wonder if it is worth bothering.

I didn't get a shot of the back, but believe me they fit really well. I have made a second pair (not hemmed yet) so will try and get the back shot of that one to show you how well they fit.

I love these pants - a lovely relaxed style that has pockets that sit flat and a nice fit. I also quite liked their fly instructions. I did make a 'test' fly first in some muslin to make sure I understood them before trying it in the real thing. That gave me the confidence to follow their instructions.

Anyhoo, I didn't get all the photos I wanted yet of the items I have made, but I thought I would break my blogging drought with these shots I managed to get before I went out the other day wearing my new duds!

PS - what do you think of the plaid in the fabric - I am a bit worried I look like I should be on a golf course but I thought they would read as brown from a distance...

Hopefully back soon with more piccies...


  1. very nice, no not golf course at all - just fresh and very chic. When I saw the tummy shot, I thought "cooorrr!" but that was the sound of someone who is jealous at how flat it is. There aren't too many tummies looking that good this time of year.

    funny you should say that about Pattern review - I am so curious I am going to have to look it up. However I have seen some really NASTY comments on a tip written by a someone who teaches industry standard sewing.

    I really thought to myself at that point, "ladies, get a life, really, it's only a sewing tip"

  2. Your pants lokk fantastic, sew. I like the check, and definitely don't think golf when I see them.

  3. I think your pants turned out fantastically, and I have my muslin finished and my fabric cut for a pair. I made my muslin directly from the pattern, and I have to say...the fit was so close! I only had to make minor tweaks in the back. That made me super-happy.

    I have read that same thread you mentioned, and you are right...I would be very reluctant to do a review...I wouldn't want people to speak to me the way they did in that thread. Not to mention, this whole controversy over a "hump" in the crotch curve? Probably half the pants I have ever made (and I'm talking big 4 here) I have had to change the crotch curve...they never come together in a perfect "U" and if some minor seam grading would discourage you from sewing....well, you didn't have the stomach for it anyway ;)

  4. Your pants are terrific. Really nice looking. Not golfy. You have such a good body that you can wear that plaid without hesitation. Nice job!

  5. I like plaid for pants! Definitely not too sporty.

  6. They look great. That plaid is no where near loud enough to be on a golf course. It does read as a brown or tan.

  7. Great looking pants and no they don't scream golf. Enjoy wearing them.

  8. Your pants look great on you. The plaid is not loud at all. You did a great job!

  9. These look soooo comfy. Perfect for after Christmas! Wish I had me a pair.

  10. These look really good. Great matching btw.
    You've got me curious - I'll have to look up the thread in question.

  11. Those look fantastic on. Re any controversy, I remember a sewing expert saying when you run into an issue like that, just smooth out the curve and keep on going. And this expert is someone who deals with just about every type of pattern out there! I agree with your assessment.

    Regardless, your pants don't look like they belong on the golf course. I love the plaid on you!

  12. The pants look great and fit nicely... They are far from golf pants, so wear them proudly.

  13. Nice pants Sue - do the review and to hell with it. They look as though they fit you perfectly.


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