Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hot Patterns BoHo-De-Luxe Peasant Tops and other fun stuff..

OK, yes I'm slack, this is still sewing from 2009 only now being blogged about. However it is the only piece left to show for 2009 ... next post we are onto 2010!

I played with this pattern:

This is a 'vintage' pattern from the Hot Patterns website. I made it in a Japanese cotton bought from Gardams in Indooroopilly (Brisbane). I bought it specifically to make this top and it has a very pretty print which I thought would suit this style.

However I think the cotton is not soft enough for this top. The only alteration I made was to shorten the length by about 1 1/2" - still not sure I should be doing this - I think it is because I am a bit uncomfortable with the loose tunic style tops that are un-tucked and long. I think I need to try the full length and try and get used to it.

I used petersham ribbon for the tie. However, even though I like the tie, I find that it is constricting and I cannot lift my arms over my head. So I am thinking that I need to put some elastic in the casing with just the petersham ribbon ends showing. I think then it may be more forgiving. As it stands, it is not comfortable to wear. Review is here.

However, even though this top is not pressing all my buttons I am not giving up on this pattern. I think I will make the 3/4 sleeve variation in a more suitable fabric.

OK - nice segue...??

I have been playing with dye... yum!

I found (half price) a beautiful white crinkle cotton (bright white - not something I can wear) on sale at our local Gardams. I bought it, thinking I would change the colour. I purchased a packet of dye in a colour called 'Pumpkin' from Unique Stitching (good service - highly recommend this website). As the packet does quite a load (more than the fabric I had bought) I added another cuff I had crocheted from a natural cotton thread ....
and also found some bamboo in a buff colour I found I wasn't using because of the nhhh colour...
and this is what I got...

The crinkle cotton would be perfect for this pattern (so would the bamboo... hummmm?) so I plan to give it another shot.

Here is the cuff being modelled by me...

Lots of fun! I wore it today with a mostly brown outfit and then had orange toenail polish on - I thought I looked cute!


  1. Cute top. I love the fabric you dyed. I think it turned out well. I love orange colors.

  2. I love the tops you've been making lately. Dying saffron robes...that has a slightly religious feel to it!?

  3. Nice top. Next time, you'll get it exaxctly as you envision. Love the pumpking colored fabrics and lace. Yummy!

  4. That kind of top is very finicky about what fabrics it will play well with, isn't it? Your's looks great, but I know what you mean. The pattern really requires something more drapey or gauzy.

    And can I just tell you how incredibly jealous I am of the view from your deck???? :)

  5. I think the top looks very sweet on you and it's worth keeping playing with..

    the crochet band is great! Love it!

  6. I agree the top looks very pretty.
    Good idea to try dye for those fabrics and the results were nice and cheerful. I love the cuff!

  7. I agree, the top is a good shape on you, and working on it until it is as comfortable as it looks would definitely be worth it. Your dyeing looks like fun.

  8. I like the top! The drape may not feel right in person but at least it photographs well.

    I still have so many projects to review from 2009. And 2008. Somehow I don't think all of them will get done.

  9. Adorable on you - I love the top - very flattering!

  10. I love the cute crochet cuff and the pumpkin colour is beaut - and you crocheted it yourself! The peasant top is lovely on you.

  11. Great top, I really like it on you. I love the color you got from dying that fabric...very striking! I can't wait to see what you make up from it!


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