Sunday, January 10, 2010

Answering some questions...

Much sewing, but no photos as yet... hubby is very busy either working or puttering around the house, preparing for our renovation. Hopefully tomorrow.

I have been sewing much. I have had one wadder - I don't usually do this but after cutting and starting to sew, it went in the bin. Normally I finish things before I decide it isn't working for!

I started Butterick 5352 the Muse dress. However I ordered the pattern in the wrong size. I cut a 14 (based on bust size 36") and then read the pattern to see the finished bust size is 37.5" - in a knit ... hunh? So why did I not buy a size 12 as I have learnt before? I dunno.... Plus the fabric was a cheapie from our local chain fabric store. It was marked as a 'dry knit' (polyester as you would expect). It was so spongy my machine hated it and skipped stitches all the time! So after trying to put the bodice together and sewing it all twice due to the skipped stitches, I tried fitting it and realised it was going too be way too big on my bust. To save heartache I threw it in the bin, without another thought!

I really agree with Lindsay T's
post on using fabric you love!

My other close-to-wadder is another version of the HP Marakesh pants. This time in another cheap polyester from said chain store. This stuff does not press - yeech! The first
pair in linen-cotton fit beautifully - these, are so different and seem to be too tight! I think it is because there is no give in the fabric. Or otherwise I made some mistake cutting or sewing... anyway not totally unwearable but I have not get the enthusiasm to hem them!

Anyway I have other sewing which has worked beautifully including the Jalie scarf neck top but no photos as yet! I am also nearly finished a variation of the Burda skirt 12-2009-
122. I really wanted another denim skirt as I love this one so much so I squeezed another out of the fabric left - without the flounce - looking forward to finishing that one! So today I will use this post to answer a couple of questions...

I am planning to make a cord skirt soon and I also looked at that zipper tute by Sandra Betzina. But it left me with one question: what does she do with the zipper head which she leaves extending beyond the end of the seam? And what did you do with it? I am mystified! Please fill us in on the secret!

Ruth - the zipper is just cut off at the top. Just make sure the zipper is open and the head is on the pant , not the part you cut off. Then when you sew the waistband on, that acts as your zipper stop.


I have one question regarding your December Burda issue. I live in Melbourne and subscribe to Burda through the Australian importer (in Sydney, and I am still only up to the October issue!! How did you manage to get your hands on the December issue so soon??
Appreciate any tips on this!

Elizabeth - order the Burda magazine directly from Burda in Germany. It is much cheaper than isubscribe and you get the current month (not always a bonus as it is the wrong season!) There are threads on that discuss how to do this. I filled in the form, when a letter came from Germany a few months later, I filled out my credit card details and faxed it. Eventually a magazine turned up!

Sharon said...

Love your fabrics and will have to visit this shop next time I visit DS.
Where did you buy your chain for the Chanel Jacket? This is the last piece I need.

Sharon - sorry I didn't answer this earlier - it is probably too late now (sorry!). But to answer your question, the last lot of chain I bought from the Stitches & Craft Show from a jewellery stand. The first lot I purchased through Felicity of For Frock's Sake. HTH!

OK - photos next time, I promise...


  1. Sorry to hear that you had a wadder...I agree about using fabric you love. I think that the majority of my wadders are the results of bad fabric choices more than a bad pattern, or mistakes that I make in construction.

  2. Thank you Sue and no not too late, my jacket is still not cut out LOL.

    Bad luck about the dry knit, I have purchased some as well but haven't made it up, thanks for heads up on its behaviour.

    Can't wait to see your Jalie top and Burda skirt.

  3. Sue, don't be hard on yourself about the Butterick dress. It's hard to buy the right pattern size when McVogrick don't put the finished garment m'ments on the back of the envelope. [rolleyes] Nor do they overlap their sizes so the 12/14 are in the same envelope. They almost set us up up to fail. ;)

    Looking forward to the photos.

  4. Hi Sue

    Well I read the first two pages of that link about the pants and by then I'd read enough.

    Your pants are great and you made a great job of them. Put a review up and share your success with pride.

    Write what you want to write - it's your review and your experience - you might disappoint someone by not mentioning the "hump" issue, but think of all the people you'll be helping just by sharing the experience that you did have.

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  6. Thanks for the explanation!



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