Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Burda Style 12-2009-122 Variation

Thanks guys for your comments on my Jalie tops!

I loved my denim skirt Burda 12-2009-122 blogged about here so I decided I needed a second casual denim skirt . I started looking for a pattern but then had a real duh! moment when I realised that I could use the same pattern (which fit well) and alter the pattern to leave the flounce off. So this is my finished product:

Excuse the slightly crumpled skirt, it was photographed after wearing it. I lightened these shots so you can see the top stitching detail...

I used an acid green top stitching thread for a bit of fun (the colour doesn't show up real well in the lightened pics) and altered the pocket design. I also straightened the pocket placement up. I added a walking split as I was concerned it may be too slim to walk in comfortably.

I had a small piece of the same denim left over from the last skirt and just managed to squeeze out the skirt. No front welt pockets again. I don't think I would have had enough fabric!
Here are the pattern pieces laid out on the fabric - you can see my altered pieces here...

Cut pieces and very small pile of scraps!

I photographed some of the techniques I use for the top stitching. For the fly front (btw, I followed the technique for the fly from the HP Marrakesh Pants pattern again), I use a piece of freezer paper. I draw the stitching line I want on the paper and cut it out. I press it in place and then stitch around the edge of the paper. Then I simply peel off the paper.

You can use the freezer paper more than once too.

For the pockets, I traced the pocket design onto some tracing paper (this is one designed for quilting).

I then pin the tracing paper to the pocket and stitch over the drawn lines.

Then it is a simple matter of pulling away the tracing paper (carefully!). Bent nose tweezers help to get the little bits out.

I am a bit sorry the green thread colour doesn't show up well in these photos so you will have to trust me that it looks cute! I have already worn this skirt quite a few times so I must remember to always keep a couple of casual denim skirts in my wardrobe.

I have just made my first New Look 6429 dress and I love it, so another post soon...


  1. Thanks for the tips on the topstitching. Those pockets are really nicely done !

  2. What a great skirt and thank you for the topstitching tips.

  3. So that is how you get great pockets!Thanks. Your outfit looks great.

  4. Those are very handy topstitching tips. I saw freezer paper the other day at SL so I'll have to go get some.
    Cute skirt. I like the idea of the green stitching.

  5. Your skirt is really cute. Looks like something you would find in upscale RTW!

  6. That is some pretty awesome topstitching, thanks for sharing your tips.

  7. Very nice! I love the green topstitching, and THANK YOU for the pocket tutorial. I have been considering making a pair of jeans and could not figure out how people got the stitching on the pocket to be so nice.

  8. Super cute denim skirt! The topstitching turned out really nice.
    The tops from the previous posts look great, very summery.

  9. Very cute and really smart to reuse the pattern.

  10. Wow Sue...all your Jalie tops & your denim skirt are great. Everyone knows that freezer paper & the outside wrapping of reflex copy paper are the same thing, right?

    To answer the question that you left on my blog, I get my FOE from Pitt Trading in Sydney. They have quite an extensive range. If you need any, just holler. I'm always happy to spend someone else's money and a visit there is never wasted LOL.

  11. Wow, this skirt is so professional. Love the blouses too. Good hint for the pocket detail.

  12. Perfect skirt! You topstitching is unbelievable!!

  13. You are a Godsend for that tracing tip!


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