Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have been sewing a bit since I have had my machine back but with mixed results.

I was not altogether happy that my brown linen
trousers were a bit short so I added cuffs to those (no photos as yet). I also tapered the legs at thigh level as they seemed not quite right there. They look much better now but as the weather has been so hot I have not worn them as yet.
Then woo-hoo! my buttonhole foot works great now so I finished the Mccalls
shorts. Well not so much luck with those. The pattern fits OK except when you roll up the cuff - then the cuff is tight and they look like bloomers! I was so annoyed I hacked them off and turned them into short shorts!

Not the style of shorts I was after!

I should have slept on it and then moved the side tabs down and made them into long shorts (above the knee) but frustration got the better of me and I just cut them off! The length of the cuff was not very flattering either - I think you need really slim legs to carry these shorts off (like the drawn pictures on the envelope of the pattern). The other aspect I was not happy with was that the waist sits very high even though it states it sits below the waist - well slightly but only ever so slightly! Can you see me with my bottom lip out - that's how I feel!
You can link to the review here if you wish to read it.


  1. Bummer! At least you finished them off. I would say that they might grow on you, but seeing that they're short shorts, I think not.

  2. You are just taunting us with this business about it being too hot to wear your pants! We got two inches of snow today! Hee. Sorry about the shorts--the workmanship on them is very nice.

  3. Bummer! What a disappointment indeed! Well, the weather's turned cooler - will the brown linen pants make their Toowoomba debut tomorrow?!?

    And - although it will embarrass you - WORK THOSE SHORT SHORTS, honey!! Ok, maybe not out for dinner, but nothing wrong with them for round-about clothes...

    I'm seeing waists on pants moving back towards the natural waist on the catwalks and mags - but I think it's become a bit like skirt lengths, you know?

    Once upon a time there was a RULE laid down by the couture/pret a porter collections that THIS was THE skirt length, anything else was *terribly* outmoded. Now it's more of a "Whatever's flattering for each person" deal.

    I think waist heights for pants should be determined by what works for each person - I have NEVER been comfortable with those low low hip huggers that were everywhere in the past few years - they just don't work on my body shape!

    *ahem* Shutting up now!


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