Friday, January 16, 2009

Not sewing yet....

My sewing machine is away being serviced and having the buttonhole adjusted, so I haven't been sewing. I do have my old Singer if I get desperate, but as we have been away for a few days I haven't needed to get it out as yet.

We went to the Gold Coast and stayed in Surfer's Paradise. It was wonderful to have a swim in the surf but it was very rough and not at all any good for body-surfing. We took our youngest son Mr D so that he could do some activity this holiday and boy - did he get activity - we couldn't drag him out of the water! I haven't been to the beach in years but was very surprised about the lack of beach etiquette now so wonder if I need to write a brochure for the tourists... however some of the locals were very rude too!

For those who don't know -
  1. Never wear your thongs (that is the footwear, not the barely there knickers!) on the sand (unless the sand is so hot you cannot walk on it) and then walk near others sitting on the sand. Not once but twice we were spitting out sand that had been flung in our faces by thong-wearers without any grace! (thongs is slang for footwear - if you don't know what I mean maybe haviannas?)
  2. When in the surf, do not stand directly behind (and closer to the shore) than me. When I turn around to body surf - I do not want to slam in to you...or worse as the surf was so rough, if I get knocked over or dumped by the waves, do not be cross if my foot lodges in your face, if you stand right behind me!
  3. When I leave my towel and belongings on the beach while swimming, do not dump your property 10 cm in front of mine, then bend over to get something out of your bag and put your nether regions in my face.
Grrr! Beach rage - I am surprised there are not more incidences of it. When the 'lady' stuck her a**e in my face I came very close!

Apart form all that the holiday was interesting - watching the people was really fun. Cavill Ave is a great place for a meal and people watching. Anyway, it is not a holiday to get away from it all but it was fun! Also ate too much and drank too much but that is part of the holidays to me...
While I was away I did get a chance to road-test one of my recent sewing projects Burda wof 07-2008-115B.

This photo was taken on the balcony of our hotel room on the 21st floor. We faced the back of the Coast and overlooked the Hinterland. It costs more to get a beach view and I find the beach views too glary (being an inland gal). The night time views were good as nearby was a fun park with a bouncing bungy and swinging around thingy that lit up at night. You could hear the screams of pleasure (or abject fear) from our room.

I absolutely love this skirt. I enjoyed making it and I loved wearing it. I could wear it out to dinner or put it on over my togs - lurve it!

Here is my review for those interested. The reviews has more photos of some of the detail of this skirt. I had to make a buttonhole to slip the tie through and as my buttonhole attachment was not working. I made a bound buttonhole using the method I used for the fake welt pockets but basting the welts together , not sewing them.

I was really pleased with the finish it gave the skirt. I plan to make another of these skirts but just need to find the right fabric.. oops, an excuse to visit Gardams heaven... or perhaps a Bali print from my favorite quilter's store... oh, the difficult quandries I face!? ....


  1. I love your skirt, very beach worthy. I took the children to Mooloolooba last week, and my 6 year old, playing in the breakers between the flags, was run over by a bodysurfing English tourist, about 10x the weight of my "baby". I was fairly restrained, and did not thump the bloke, but I felt like it! Beach rage can be dangerous.

  2. Sounds like fun despite the intrusions of others and their sand. The skirt is just right for a beach holiday.

    BTW, those "thong" shoes are called "flip-flops" here in the US. "Beach thong" generally has another meaning, as you mentioned, the knicker variety.

  3. Yesterday my DS and I returned from a holiday at Surfers Pardise (we live in Sydney) and I made 115B to wear up there as well!! It's a great skirt.

  4. You look awesome in your skirt!

    (sigh, your post just made me wish it was summer already... I miss the beach - not the rude people, of course)


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