Saturday, January 17, 2009

No sewing yet... but shopping (...and catching up with reviews...)

I haven't got my machine back yet, but at least I have been able to catch up with reviews. At the beginning of this month I made Vouge 8486. I don't look very happy in these photos but here it is... My review is here. I am not overly fond of this dress but will use it. It looks better belted and I did buy a new belt today that looks better than the belt it is photographed with (more shopping... *sigh*) I wore it today shopping and it was quite comfortable to wear. At least I can add one and a half yards sewn to the stash contest.

Caity & I got together today. After a Powerfit class at gym (go Caity!) we went out for an excellent brunch at the Oxygen Cafe and then some shopping at our favorite fabric heaven Gardams to get the following -

The top three pieces were on the remnant table - a gorgeous wool/silk (1.5 m) to make a skirt/trousers/something for winter, a brown silk (1m - perhaps a cami) and a poly satin (1m - a top?) that is to die for.

The second row a poly/cotton/elastane mix to make BWOF 10-2008-106 (skirt) and the next another silk to make BWOF 08-2008-103 (top - I hope). All so yummy and totally irresistible to me!

Then we decided more shopping was in order so we went to our local major shopping centre and hit the shops. I bought a great brown curved belt from Cue and then we hit the jackpot - BNT has a sale so I got a pile of prettys for a bargain. I spent $116 and got the equivalent full retail value of $265 - so if you want to see my undie bargains here they are (all but the white & black lace undies in the corner are Elle McPherson) -

And yet another parting shot... we bought a bed for our dog to encourage him to not sleep on the furniture. We have not had heaps of success yet to get him to use it and not the sofa but I did catch him sleeping in it of his own accord the other night - success! Let's hope it continues...


  1. I actually like your dress. The fabric and neckline is great. And your puppy is so darn adorable!

  2. I think your Vogue dress is cute and if it is comfortable, maybe another one in a different fabric is in order.

    Fun shopping - great fabrics and lingerie!

  3. I really like your new dress. Thanks for your comment on my blot. I am really enjoying the coat. Looks warm where you are, we are very cold here in Georgia.


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