Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008 Sewing year in review part 2

The second half of the year was much more successful than the first half of the year.
The first photo collage is a bit of a mixed bag. I love the Jalie twist top but what was I thinking when I made the cougar top? The next one in the top row is BWOF 07-2008-118B which I quite liked and have worn around the house but the back neckline didn't really work for me. I have since read a review outlining how to fix this problem, but I don't think I could be bothered to make another one.
The bottom row shows another more successful Jalie twist top and then Burda wof 06-2008-109 (top) which I love to wear casually and shorts McCalls 5391 - too big!

Next is dresses ... all winners this time! The first is Burda wof 04-2008-116 - only worn twice but I love it each time I wear it. The green dress (McCalls 5039) is made from silk with a silk slip (a New Look pattern) which I have worn twice as well and love also. The brown cotton spot dress is McCalls 5576 and has been worn quite a few times.The second row is Vogue 6343 - a 1960's vintage pattern which I have worn heaps as a lovely casual summer cotton dress (it has been quite hot this year) and then my last outfit for 2008, Simplicity 3833 a reproduction 1960 pattern which I have worn once but love!

Last but not least is my entry to the Endless Combinations contest. All of these have been worn multiple times except the HP tie top. It wasn't a big favorite when I made it and I feel it is more suitable for the office. I haven't been at work much lately but I am sure I will wear it when I go back.

Overall, as this is the start of my return to clothes sewing I am quite happy. I have through the year learnt how to-

  • tissue fit & fit as you go (Palmer Pletsch) and am still working on improving this.
  • check patterns for size and ease before cutting out!
  • press and use pressing tools to give a more professional finish
  • better choose fabrics & patterns ( and I am sure this will remain a continual challenge)
  • how to make a faux welt pocket!
  • fit pants - however I am not sure how I will go without a PP teacher helping me!

Other than that this year I have lost weight and toned up so I feel a lot better in my clothes - that is why belts have been re-introduced to my wardrobe (geeze - even shoes fit better!)

In 2009 for sewing I plan to -

  • improve my fitting skills
  • learn to line a garment more confidently
  • do buttonholes (why do they scare me so much?)
  • in general make garments that require a greater level of difficulty
  • make more vintage patterns
  • enter some more contests on Pattern Review

From a personal point of view I hope to increase my volunteer work. First up I will start visiting the blood bank on a regular basis and then when I see how much time work will allow me, I may take up some other volunteer activity (meals on wheels or community care transport perhaps).

I hope 2009 is a great time for everyone and I look forward to seeing what other sewists are doing this year!


  1. You have every reason to be happy with your 2008 sewing results! My best wishes for 2009!

  2. Looks like more winners than losers! I hope you have an even more successful 2009!

  3. Sue Sue Sue Sue Sue!!!! I love that animal print top on you - it's absolutely NOT a wadder. Love love love it. If you're not fond of it, maybe try it with a black necklace thingy worn high on the neck.
    Oh please wear it, it does flatter you and look really young and great.
    Cheers, Karen

  4. Sue - I'm with Karen - I rather like you in the animal print top and just to be controversial I particularly like you in the wide neck of the BWOF top that you have NO printed on. I think it's flattering, IMO. You could try it again because it looks cool for summer and maybe just have a better contrast in the same colour. Considering how much sewing you've done though, you won't have time. Well done on all the great outfits by the way, they're brilliant.

  5. Hi Sue,

    I was just contemplating sewing vogue 6343.. the 1960's flared dress and now that I've seen it on you I know it is flattering!! your dress looks gorgeous by the way!!

    happy sewing



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