Sunday, August 17, 2008

Started sewing again

I have started sewing again - even though there is heaps of other things I probably should be doing after returning home after 5 weeks away! I have tackled the mountain of washing, got the worst nasty cleaning done, paid the bills and done a grocery shop - surely it is time to sew now.
I decided to start working through my stash and also to do items most needed in my wardrobe. Well, since I have returned from balmy low-20 days in Finland and 30 degree days in Hong Kong, Toowoomba is bloody freezing - when did this happen? - I am sure it was supposed to be warmer than this! So long story short I need long comfy warm pants to wear around home plus some gym pants so that I can return to gym and lose the flabby belly I developed while on holidays.

The pattern of choice was Jalie 2445.

The reviews said to cut it one to two sizes bigger - so I did. I used some stash - a nasty brown velour bought from Lincraft (- grrr, don't talk to me about Lincrap - not happy with their service at the moment!). I also changed the waistband from a drawstring to a wide elastic as I reckon the drawstring is a pain in the butt! I usually wear my shirts pulled over the pants, and drawstrings just add lumps where you don't want them - if I was the beautiful young things on the pattern cover I would have the drawstring and let it all hang out - as you can see from my photo of the final thing I have let it all hang out and you can see what 5 weeks of holiday has done for me!

It has worked out great, so now I can make more for the gym with the fabric in my stash bought for that purpose. However I also now want to buy some fleecy so I can make some tracky-daks for lounging with - as they are so comfy and it is so cold!

If you want to read my review you can find it here.

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  1. AWESOME! They look great! (And let's talk about TUMMIES, shall we? You don't even have one, you goose! sheesh!)


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