Sunday, August 10, 2008

Savonlinna Castle

I missed this picture of Savonlinna castle in my last post.

I have now left Finland and am in Hong Kong. When I get some photos sorted I will post some more. It is difficult to find places to connect to the Internet.

Our time in Finland went really well. Only one real hiccup - hubby's wallet was stolen. However we got great service from the Police at Imatra, who allowed us in outside of their regular office times to file a report.

As I post more photos I well tell you more about where we went. However I would like to thank my great cousins in Finland who really showed us a good time and looked after us so well. It was very hard to leave them and I wish we were living closer together so we could spend more time with them. I hope in the future to see more of them and perhaps to even plan a holiday to some exotic location so none of us has to travel quite so far.

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