Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Jalie Pants...

Since I made the first pair of Jalie pants, I have had a real blitz and have made four more pairs.

Excuse the crummy photo but they are from L to R:
  1. Shorts made out of expensive fabric "St Moritz" from Gardams - really good quality fabric - it will be interesting to see how they fare going to the gym.
  2. 3/4 pants made from the same expensive fabric (just shortened the length to match a RTW pair).
  3. Full length made of brown fleecy with a ribbing waistband (Spotlight)
  4. Full length made of cheap but reasonably good weight black cotton knit (from Make-it fabrics - only $10 a metre, but will be interesting to see how it takes a lot of washing & wearing).

I have worn pair No. 3 (the brown fleece) to death while 'lounging' at home and have worn pair No. 4 once to gym where they fared very well and were very comfortable while I did a step class. So I decided to make more for gym but used a better quality fabric for the next two pair. I hope the fabric will breath at gym. If not I will have to continue the search for good quality fabric to make these pants from. I can't see myself buying gym pants now!

I have also spent money today. First I went and get myself measured up for a bra. I have read so much about this lately I thought it was time I did. I was very conscious that my bras didn't feel right. Anyway I found out I needed to go up a cup size! I thought I might go down seeing as I have lost weight and size around the bust. However I think I have mainly lost it from my back and under-bust (upper waist?) area so maybe that has made the difference. I couldn't believe the fitter though until I tried on the right size bra and it fit perfectly!

I also bought a new overlocker a Janome Mylock 644D. I made the 3/4 length pants on it today. I was very impressed at the demo in the shop, etc but I am not 100% happy with the tension of the stitches on my machine. I think I will re-thread it tomorrow, try again and then contact the shop if I have no joy. It was OK but not as good as the demo piece I brought home from the shop.

Edited to Add: This problem has now been fixed - I just found where I could adjust the knife - the knife was cutting too narrow compared to the stitch width wasn't the tension....yay fixed!!!

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