Monday, January 7, 2008

Tiring day...

So far today, I have done half an hour session with a Personal trainer - doing weights , then a class for an hour doing Pilates. After I showered and had something to eat, I went and did the grocery shopping. This afternoon I should be doing something useful around the house - continue the decluttering, etc but I have spent the time completing some more charity quilts. I have decided to leave the string quilt the size it is, so I found some backing and batting - have used some polar fleece for the batting, as I did not want anything too heavy. I have also finished another '1000 pyramids' quilt top, using the leftover triangles from the last one like this that I did. I must have gone really overboard cutting triangles! Anyway they are all used up now and I found a fabric in my stash to use as the backing. I am determined to not purchase anything but use what I have at the moment. So I started looking for batting and I have spent the last little while cutting all my leftover strips of batting straight and then joining them together with a zigzag stitch. Now the batting is patchwork as well ... anyway it all in the tradition of making do!
BTW is it more correct to call it 'batting' or 'wadding'? - that always trips me up!

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