Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A taste of my day & Coco's ability to multi-task!

Coco has shown her ability to multi-task today. Not only does she help with sewing (- see earlier post) but she can also help with playing of computer games (with my youngest son). She then had to have a large nap to help get over the hard work ( the lead leaving her basket is the heating pad in the basket, even though it is reasonably warm today she loves it - she really seems to feel the cold.) We looked it up today on the interweb and her 20 years is the equivalent of 97 years of human age - so we have got to give a cat a break!

My youngest also made giant anzac bikkies today - Yummm!!! perfect - just slightly chewy in the center!
The last piccie is of my camera case - the case itself is slightly wonky but I had heaps of fun decorating it!

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