Friday, January 25, 2008

Telstra... finally!

After four attempts (once they didn't turn up), Telstra has finally fixed our ADSL problem. They, of course, assumed the problem HAD to be at our end - poor dumb end-users that we are! Hubby had of course checked everything at our end before we even contacted them, even to the point of borrowing another modem. He also set it up so that it automatically tries to log back in, when it drops out. One day it recorded over 30 log-ins - sure the problem must be us! Anyway the last technician was convinced enough to sit at the exchange until he observed the problem (why could they not do that in the first place instead of spending time at our end re-checking everything we had checked - twice!) Luckily our eldest son has been available to sit home in the four hour windows they tell you they might turn up in!

I have finished two more quilts for the 'Bags of Love'. I will take them in next week. Since then I have started on a sewing machine cover with has been at the back of my mind for ages. It uses a stitchery panel made by my MIL.

I have added a photo of Cosmo since his haircut - it is like getting a new dog every few months!

There is also a photo of my Dad's cat Miska. I have never seen a cat that enjoys boxes and baskets so much. My Mum was relieved that at least he wasn't sleeping on her half-made jigsaw like he usually would!

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