Monday, March 24, 2014

New Look 6097... urban jungle dress

About a month ago I made another New Look 6097.  I was wearing my first version (see it here) the other day and thinking again what a great pattern this is.  It really is my go-to dress and even though I have put on a little weight the fabric and style is forgiving enough that I can still wear it and not be uncomfortable.  

I had always planned to make version A and had the perfect fabric in my cupboard.  A gorgeous jersey called urban jungle queen jersey bought from Gorgeous Fabrics a few yeas ago and waiting for the right project.

I haven't worn the dress yet as it is too warm still, but when my DH found his camera remote, we thought we should try it out and it gave me an opportunity to take photos of my dress.

I need to remember to take lots of photos as this stiff photo was one of the best.

I have been told the flash shadow is not good so it is something we need to work on, but I am hoping that learning how to use his camera by myself will help me get photos on my blog more efficiently.

Pockets too..

The cuff detail - I did have to hand sew the cuff to hold it but this is suggested in the pattern instructions if your fabric is very soft and drapey.

The back shot for completeness...

My original review is here and I still agree with what I said the first time.

Lulu has taken to sleeping in my sewing room - mainly on my chair but I have put a lovely woolly cushion in there for her and sometimes , by mistake, she sleeps on it... at Diana's feet/foot?...

Ciao for now!


  1. Looks great Sue! You've reminded me that I have that pattern....

  2. I like it, you give me motivation to complete my dress.

  3. Gorgeous dress and gorgeous Lulu. Love your fabric. The dress looks fab on you.

  4. I love this pattern, and it looks great on you in that awesome fabric. If you need to use your flash try putting a single ply of a tissue over the flash - it should still be bright enough but will diffuse the light a little and be softer.

    1. Thanks Kristy - I will give this a try.

  5. Lovely dress. I have the pattern and your reviews have pushed it up the sewing list.

  6. Gorgeous dress and the fabric looks divine!

  7. I just like everything about your dress!


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