Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tessuti Suzy Pant

As an interruption to my posts on active wear, I wanted to post some pictures of the Tessuti Suzy pants.  I made these last year and love them but have only just managed to get  a photo.

This pair is in a beautiful khaki silk crepe de chine bought from Tessuti as well.

I don't seem to have noted any changes I made.  From memory I believe the only real change was to shorten the leg length.

I made a wearable toile before cutting into my silk.  I made the toile in a snakeskin rayon bought at Lincraft.  I love wearing them and they are my every week-end pant as they are comfortable as I made my toile one size larger and put the pockets in.  I didn't add the pockets to the silk pair as I wanted to keep the lines smooth.  

On the day of the photos I wore these pants to a barbeque.  I wore them a few days later out to lunch with a sewing GF.  I wore them a few times at the end of last year to evening functions. Very versatile and comfy to wear.  Light as air in the silk I feel I need to check I have remembered to put my pants on!

I love my silk pants and plan to make more...

Ciao for now... Fehr trade XYT tops next...


  1. Sue, these are lovely on you and I agree that the silk feels "light as air" too. Perfect for all the super hot weather we had in January.

  2. Nice pants, they must feel very luxurious made in silk crepe de chine

  3. Lovely pants Sue and they look very stylish and must feel divine to wear.

  4. Love the pants. The fabric looks lovely and silky

  5. These pants look really lovely, and I bet they are lovely to wear. I have been wondering how robust silk pants would be...whether they would stand up to my slap dash lifestyle?

    1. I do consider where I am going to wear these pants. I would not want to sit on any rough surfaces. I am curious too to see how long they last and I don't expect them to have a real long life.

  6. Nice pants. Looks really comfy and classy.

  7. What a great style for you! I love how you've matched them with the chocolate brown top and cute necklace. Looking good!


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