Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fehrtrade XYT tops

I have got some photos of my xyt tops.  I made a muslin initially shown in this post at the start of the year.  I never got to wear it to gym as it was way short on me but I did like the top otherwise. I ordered some supplex and when it arrived I made two more tops - the y-back and the t-back.

I like this pattern and the instructions are very good, particularly the elastic lengths and instructions for finishing the openings.  Note though that I used zig-zag and not twin needle to finish mine as I have never had much success twin-needle stitching over elastic.

The part of the pattern a lot of others rave about is the built in compression bra.  I could not get this bra to work for me.  I made the bra to size and found it was so tight when I tried it on I had to use scissors to get out of it.  It didn't help it was summer here and a slight haze of perspiration from wrestling with getting into the top, meant it wasn't coming off for anyone!

I made a second version with a large fba, increased the elastic length and sewed it into the original muslin I made.  The armholes skewed and pulled horribly and the compression was still too much for me.  I wear crop top style bras to gym and have not found them to compress as much as this bra does.  Maybe I am just not used to the style?  Also I believe as an old girl (with soft tissue) the compression is extreme and not at all flattering or comfortable.

Please don't let me put anyone off this - I do think the instructions are good and well thought out, but it is in the category "did not work for me".  It may work for you particularly if you are a small cup size and young! 

I decided I still liked the top style but gave up on the bra and bought some new ones from my fave gym wear shop Lululemon.

So onto pics...

The same fabric as the Kwik sew top from Runners Fabrics.  I love this fabric!  Stitching just hides in the space dye look too.  Both of these tops have been lengthened by 3 inches but no other changes made.

The y-back...

The Lululemon flow y crop is covered really well by this back.

The next version I made the t-back in a gorgeous kelly green.  This fabric is lovely but doesn't hide the stitches as well as the space dyed.  Maybe I didn't colour match the thread well enough - green is a tough colour to match.

Showing the back detail on Diana.

The top of the "t" didn't come out as well as I would have liked.  I made the triple strap to reflect the bra I wear it with (the Energy bra) and  I used this tutorial to sew tidy covered elastic straps for the three vertical straps.

So truly I like this pattern but the built in bra did not work for me.  I would still like to make more of these tops.  I might try altering the front neckline to change it up and I might look at lowering the back/ underarm line as I think it would sit in a more flattering way on me.

Review is here and I will be back with one more piece soon.... Ciao!


  1. I like how you made this work for you Sue.

  2. I really like the lines of this top and pity about the built in bra but comfort is so important when training.

  3. The top is a lovely style Sue and looks good with the LLL bra as well

  4. I couldn't get the built in bra to work for me, but I am planning on using the pattern and cutting my own inbuilt bra the same size as the outer top....that has worked for me with Jalie and Burda patterns.

  5. I love your variation on the back of the green one! These look really great on you!! Sewing a compression bra can be tricky when there are so many variations of the amount of stretch fabric has. I've made the same bra pattern (a Jalie one) several times with several fabrics, one was so useless and did nothing because it stretched so much, others were so tight. It took me more then one try to get the bra okay for me in this top when I sewed it. Love your tops!

  6. Both tops are gorgeous, and show off your figure beautifully! It's a shame about the built-in bra, but I'm sure you'll make it work eventually - or keep using the work around. The supplex looks great. I know you were really happy with the quality.


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