Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tania cutlottes

I have finished my Tania culottes from Megan Nielsen patterns.  I had been seeing a few nice versions of this pattern around the web, but when I got my new bike I was spurred to make my own version.

I made mine 20cm longer (instructions in the pattern to do this).This meant that it was a real fabric gobbler so it took me a while to source a fabric that would have the right drape and cost to make a trial of this pattern.  I eventually found fabric at the Lincraft sale.  It is called a rayon acetate gingham and is not wide (about 112cm) and I bought 4m and used about 2.8m to make this skirt.

A link to my review is here, but basically it is a great pattern.  Choose your size according to waist size as there is plenty of room for hips.  The instructions are reasonably detailed.  About the only part which is assumed knowledge is inserting the zip but exact placement is specified.   My only suggestion to anyone is to mark front and back pieces well as there are no notches or anything to help you differentiate them.

A really comfy bike riding skirt...

My only extra was to add a tab inside the waistband.  This makes the skirt easier to zip up as you can close the tab to hold the top of the zip together while you do it up and it adds that extra bit of sturdiness.

As I lengthened the skirt, it looks just like a full skirt when out and about so I felt quite comfortable to stop in town for a coffee, check out the hot rods on show in the main  street...

and the First Coat artwork...

I am entering this one in the Pattern Review New to Me pattern Co. contest.  A bit of fun and good timing as I bought the pattern just after I got my bike but took awhile to source some fabric.  Ciao for now...


  1. They do look smart Sue and great with your new bike! Such fun photos too.

  2. Great backdrop for your photos! These culottes look perfect for bike riding.

  3. They look lovely, and perfect for the activity! It looked like a great day out on the bike!

  4. Love your culottes! We enjoy bicycling our local city bike trail and your culottes look perfect for on-and-off trail. Really like your idea of adding a tab to the zipper. And your photo shoot is lovely!

  5. Wonderful culottes and love the style !

  6. These culottes are so elegant on you, and such great photos.

  7. These are so cute, and I love your bike shots! That's a very handsome 'cycle you have there.

  8. HI Sue - your culottes are super cute. How do you think they would be on my frame/shape? I am concerned they would ride up in between my legs due to them rubbing together (the joys of loving my food too much unfortunately). Thoughts?

    1. Thanks Lizzie! I find these more comfortable to wear than regular pants and I found no problems with them riding up (my thighs do rub a bit). You wear similarly shaped skirts so I think they would look great on you. There is a few reviews on PR now that might give you more clues on how they may fit you.


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