Friday, April 4, 2014

A frock for a High Tea - Stylearc Anthea Dress

I am sure you have seen and read about the Brisbane Sewist's High Tea that was held last Sunday.  I attended and had a lovely time meeting some lovely sewists from SE Qld.  I wish I could have spoken to more of the ladies there.  I did not take any photos of the day but have got some piccies of the dress I made for the occasion.  

I had decided a floral frock was in order for this occasion and had a gorgeous cotton bought from Gardams Fabrics (before they shut up shop locally).  I scoured the net for a suitable pattern and settled on the Stylearc Anthea dress.

I made three muslins of the bodice before cutting into my real fabric.  I think I got a reasonable fit.  My alterations included lowering the bust darts.  I think I actually lowered them a little too much.  

I had gappiness in the arm holes so did my first ever proper fba and also adjusted the back shoulder seam to be cut on more of an angle.  I found this youtube advice very helpful in this regard.  

The only other alteration was to lengthen the bodice slightly.

Oh - and when making a muslin for a bodice I discovered you need to use a zipper as long as specified -  I made my first muslin with a zipper only as long as the bodice and had great issues getting in and out of it!

I fully lined the dress with a chocolate voile which I had in the stash.  Lovely quality bought from Gorgeous fabrics a few years ago  This fabric may be a little too light for a lining but this dress is lovely and cool and comfortable to wear.  I love that separate lining pattern pieces are provided for the skirt.  These have little less fullness than the main skirt... however don't do what I did and cut the lining piece out of the main fabric and the main skirt out of the lining... lucky I had a little extra main fabric!

The instructions are pretty basic and I haven't lined a lot of dresses so still managed to muck up the order of construction.  If you are not familiar with lining a dress I would recommend looking for more details elsewhere as to how to do this.

I love my new dress and it was super comfortable to wear in the Brisbane humidity.  I did enjoy the afternoon and also have the obligatory shot of my haul from the swap.

A lovely green linen, matching lining (not sure I will use it for the linen though), a lovely cotton print and a Megan Neilsen pattern.  The review of my dress is here.  Ciao for now!


  1. The Gardam's fabric looks gorgeous quality Sue, a beautiful dress and perfect for the occasion!

  2. Love your dress Sue, you have got the fit perfect and those colours, very stylish. Why didn't my sister find this fabric in Gardams for me :(

  3. Great dress choice Sue. You've made a fabulous fitting and stylish number for any high tea. Your lining keeps the dress flattering. This can make all the difference.
    The t-shirt pattern looks like a great choice too.

  4. Lovely dress and like the skinny belt with it.

  5. It was great to meet at the meet up Sue even though it was brief. I thought your dress looked amazing and so well fitted (no wonder with 3 muslins). Gardams has shut here too and a number of weeks ago I saw a pop up shop in Edward St (I bought some Burda patterns there) but I don't think they are there anymore.

  6. What a perfect dress for the occasion! Great job on fit too.

  7. I can attest that this looks fabulous in real life, perfectly fitted and the colours look amazing on you. I am interested to see what you do with your swap treasures, I have grand plans for cutting out something today, surely there is time to squeeze in another summer dress before the cold weather starts.

  8. I love the word "frock." It conjures up class and femininity, and this dress surely fits the definition. Great colors for you, too. Brava.

  9. Adorable and stylish dress, Sue! Perfection!

  10. Just the perfect 'high tea' dress I think - casually formal. Love it!

  11. So pretty! I love the colors on you, and the fit is very flattering.
    You look so perfect for high tea. I'm so jealous when seamstress get together, you got some beautiful fabrics.

  12. Sue, I had to pop in to say I just love this dress, and the fabric is so fabulous. Did it have a name on the selvedge? I'd really love to find it. The colors are great on you and would be so on me as well!

    Cherie in Phoenix, USA

    1. Sorry Cherie I just checked the fabric piece I have left and nothing is written in the selvedge. It is really gorgeous fabric as the cotton does not appear to crush either - lovely quality. I bought it a few years ago now too so cannot even check the shop I bought it from (closed now sadly). I hope you can find something similar.


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