Friday, September 21, 2012

Another Demi drape top... or a lesson in still not choosing the right fabric!

This was my second Demi Drape top after my trial one last post.  I carefully choose some great fabrics from my stash.  The main fabric is a knit mesh bought from the Fabric Collection and the rayon "cami" is from Gorgeous fabrics, which I also used previously in another top - the second one in this post.

A few photos more to show you,... the back...

The mesh is single layer on the back and the sleeves.  My DH assures me you cannot see my bra through there but I reckon a camera will always pick it up! :)

The whole outfit as worn to work today...

The skirt is this one  and as the top stitching is a murky green I thought they went well together.  My shoes are a bit too "chocolate" on the brown scale, but comfortable (Kumfs or Ziera as they are now).  

The hems are all left raw, so this top is slightly longer than my last one as I didn't trim off the hem allowance before sewing.

...and just in case you were wondering about the post title... I still got the fabric wrong!  It is still not the right drape.  The mesh is light but not drapey enough - the rayon knit would have been a better choice for  the cowl part... maybe I will give it one more shot?? 
I think in the meantime I will try and tack it down...

and an outtake... I had these photos taken at work by my DH (we work together).. I thought someone was going to catch us in the conference room...



  1. Hi Sue, I think this top is great, especially the mesh fabric. Wonderful fun photos too! Thanks for pioneering this pattern. I have it too but yet to be sewn.

  2. Love the top but understand the drape issue.

  3. I love your photos, especially the last one. What a scream.

  4. I really like the colours in your mesh - they are perfect for you. I, too, would have thought the mesh would have been just right. Exploring this drape issue (through your hard work ;-)) is very interesting. It just goes to show that there's always something to learn, doesn't it?

  5. I also love the colours and interesting print of this mesh top on you!

  6. Love the colours in this top and agree that the drape issue is quite interesting. So what do your colleagues think when you both disappear into the conference room :)

    1. Ha! We try and sneak off quietly....

  7. I love the colours too, and the drape is very interesting!

  8. Those colours do indeed look great on you. There is always something new to learn with garment making isn't there?

  9. It looks great Sue and next time I'm sure you'll pitch that drape just right - third time's the trick as they say - and in the meantime it still looks fab.

  10. Love that "caught in the act" outtake at the end. Hee! This is a pattern worth trying again--I really like the style.

  11. Your top looks wonderful! I have a solution for the outward-pooching cowl drape... it's not your fabric choice. At the hemmed edge of the lowest point of the drape, create a little fabric pouch with a drapery weight inside. I have seen this in RTW tops and it works very well and does not show on the outside.


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