Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spring is here .. Marakesh pants and Demi drape top

I have started sewing for the warmer weather and the next two cabs off the rank are the Hot Patterns Marrakesh pants and Stylearc Demi Drape top.

The pants I have made before -  version 1 and version 2.  This version is made from a polyester linen weave fabric called Harmony.  The only real alterations I made to the pattern were to shorten the leg by 1" and to sew the back crotch deeper.  I still get some wrinkles depending on how I stand, but overall I am pretty happy with the fit of these pants.  I probably won't be able to wear them on the hottest days but they will be great for most of the Spring/Summer/Autumn here.

Detail of the waistband and pocket...

The top is my 'trial' version of this pattern.  It is made from fabric left over from other projects.  They coordinate well but are heavier and not as drapey as the suggested fabrics.  

I made no alterations to this pattern and it is a straight size 8 (these patterns only come in one size).  I am pretty happy with the fit.  The sleeve is snug, so I may need to check the sleeve width if I made the longer sleeved version.  

This is why you need to use to use a drapey fabric.  I can see me catching all sorts of food in there :)  

This won't stop me from using this top.  I was trying to work out if I could use a weight but it would show so I just need to remember to smooth down the "pouffiness" every so often. 

I have made another version of this top and hope to get it photographed next.  I think it is a nice tee shirt shape and may make it without the cowl overlay some time.

Ciao for now!


  1. That top is really interesting....but the side view did make me chuckle...imagining all the things that could get caught there!

  2. Love your pants - they have a great shape. The top is nice too - the outfit looks great together.

  3. The pants look really good and it sounds like you have got the fit worked out. Sorry I also had a chuckle at the side view of your top and can see why it needs very drapey fabric, it is an interesting style.

  4. Your Marrakesh pants look really good. That Harmony fabric looks interesting.

    The top looks fabulous from the front, but I can see what you mean about the 'food catcher' description. Of course, in a drapier fabric that will sit beautifully.

  5. Sue, these pants are a wonderful fit and the style looks great on you.

  6. A very stylish and comfortable looking casual outfit. The Marrakesh pants look very tempting.

  7. That is a lovely outfit. Those pants really fit you well and are so flattering.

  8. Both look super, and I also had a giggle at the side view of the top!!! Maybe for this top a few little tacks might hold it down - who knows what you could collect in there...and Spring weather is certainly hitting quickly - 29 in Brissie today...

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