Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Look Dress 6097 - SSS...Snakeskin!

I have seen a few versions of this dress in sewing internet land and have been very impressed everytime I see it.  So of course, I had to join the bandwagon.... and it was worth it - a great pattern!

I made it up in knit purchased from Bargain Box in Ipswich bought in July 2010.  This feels like what Knitwit calls a dry handle knit.  It was lovely to work with and lovely to wear.  I didn't really realise that the 'stripes' were going to go across my body until I started cutting it, so I matched side seams and pocket areas.  Perhaps too well as the pockets are hard to see!

This is a Project Runway pattern and is actually true to size.  I made a size 12 at the top and a size 14 for the skirt part.  I might have got away with a 12 but I didn't want it too tight.  

The faux wrap is brilliant with no gaping and this is a really easy to wear and like dress.  

I did make the belt using an op shop belt buckle find, but didn't like it on me.  I think the print is too busy for it and I needed a belt to help define my waist.  I am still considering it though.  It is a lot longer than the one pictured on the pattern and I am wondering if I should shorten it or just not bother as I am not sure I will wear it anyway.

I plan to make the other version in Autumn - I love the look of the sleeves with tabs and collar.

Review is here for those interested.... Ciao!


  1. Lovely dress, Sue - it fits you perfectly. I would save the buckle for another occassion :-), I think the plain belt looks perfect with the snakeskin print.

  2. Love your dress Sue - the fabric looks great too. Very stylish. Lovely outcome.

  3. Another gorgeous creation, Sue! I really like the snakeskin - very stylish. I quite like the fabric belt with the buckle, but, obviously, you're the best judge of what it looks like on your body.

  4. I love snakeskin fabric. That dress looks fabulous on you.

  5. Love your dress and the fabric

  6. Just stunning! Love the print!

  7. Great looking dress! I have been looking at snake prints also...

  8. This dress looks lovely on you Sue, and it looks very comfy.

  9. Your dress is beautiful, Sue! I skipped out on the belt the first time I made the dress and made a self tie for the second. I like the small purchased belt you are wearing.
    Are you petite and if so did you shorten the bodice?

    1. I didn't shorten the bodice I am just under 5'3" but short in the leg, regular body length. Thank you - I loved your dresses too and they inspired me to buy this pattern. :)


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