Saturday, October 13, 2012

Baby gifts.. pink ... *sigh*

I have made a few things I need to show you but due to not having photos of the items, no blog posts on them for now!  I have been busy at work as we have moved office and the weather has been very variable to say the least, so no wearing of new Summer clothes.  I actually got to wear my new black wool jacket the other day!  I didn't think I would be able to use it again until next year, but I am happy to report that on a very cold blustery day it kept me warm and cosy.

Onto things I have been able to photograph... My DSIL's daughter (from a previous marriage) recently had a baby girl.  All smiles everywhere as I have boys so I am more than happy to make a little pink gift!

I used a bib pattern from Nicole Mallalieu.  A download - so no wait and I love the cute 50's styling and the fact that it is a useful bib as baby should not be able to pull it off. 

I pulled a couple of fabrics out from the quilting stash and this is what I managed to sew.... (I wanted to photograph it on a stuffed toy, but my teddy bear (now almost 50 years old) does not have enough stuffing and my boys' old baby toys are not much better!)

I used an old hand towel to back the bib.  I made the stripey binding from a fabric which coordinated with the main fabric.

My thoughts on this pattern:
  • fabulous instructions.  If you were a beginner sewist and wanted to try binding this is a great project with excellent instructions.  The pattern comes with 6 pages of detailed instructions!
  • you can either use purchased bias binding or make your own.  Nicole gives the length needed if you make your own and it is spot-on.  I had none left!
  • I would love it if this pattern came in more than one size.  This would be a great bib/apron for a toddler.
If you are looking for a baby gift this is a great pattern.  I am loving the fact that I know of someone else having a baby soon so I get another crack at this pattern and using great funky fabrics.  I only have to wait and see if the next one will be a boy or a girl! 

Ciao folks!... I am on holidays next week so I hope to get photos of my new clothes (if the weather plays nice!)


  1. Great bib and love the colour combinations.

  2. Love love love your fabric choices! Nicole's patterns are excellent.

  3. I'm so glad to hear that you think Nicole's patterns are excellent as I've just bought two...picking them up at the craft fair, yay!!!

    I love this bib. It's so cute but practical, too. Could you slip some ruffles onto the next one? :-)


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