Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More sweet dreams... Ottobre 05-2011-2

Thank you for your kind comments on my last post on the "fail" pants.  Amazingly I found my receipt for the fabric for these pants and on it was the threads and zip as well.  I got a full refund on these items from Spotlight (thank you Spotties) but of course I cannot be compensated for my time or the lovely piece of quilting cotton from my stash.  The lady serving me did say she would note that the fabric is defective in the hopes it would be taken off the shelves.  Not sure I have an expectation that will happen.

I have had a week's break this last week but in some quiet moments at home I have made another pair of the Ottobre Sweet Dreams boxers - previously made in this post.

I used a stretch satin again (from Lincraft).  These are a bit smaller than the last pair as I didn't seem to have enough fabric so did the best I did with the piece I had.  However the pattern I had traced is a size larger than I need so it still worked fine.  This time I followed the instructions and used picot elastic on the hemline.  Mainly because I had a length of yellow picot elastic in the stash (why??)

I made the waistband similarly to last time, in that I sewed the boxer elastic to the fabric in multiple rows of stitching and did not use the waistband facing.  The only difference was that I sewed a piece of the picot elastic onto the edge of the boxer elastic so that the picot shows at the waistband.

Next up I plan to make another bag.  I think I have been bitten by the bag bug!  Ciao! 


  1. Very very cute boxers. I'm impressed that you're diving into the stash and coming up with such treasures!

    Bags....hmmmm, good idea. What pattern are you going to use? And, am I meant to be sending you some? I forget...Oh, Dave Ramsey is that guy I was telling you about...ooooh, look! Shiny things...I'm off! :-))

  2. Thanks Kelley - I am planning to use a Vogue pattern I have at home.

  3. Very nice indeed. Love the delicate lace around the edges.

  4. Lovely boxers and they will feel lovely to wear. Ah the bag bug, think I have caught it as well :)

  5. These look really great. I must check that stretch satin in Lincraft. You know Sue, I recently bought a drill white cotton with large navy polka dots on it from Spotlight and I wanted to make a dress right away with it (avoiding study) and I washed it and it ran! It's awful... I contacted my girlfriend who bought some a few months ago and she hasn't washed it yet but will to see if hers runs. I can't, don't want to believe they would keep selling something that would run but I bet when I take it back it is still on the shelf!

  6. Fantastic! Really nice job and the fabric looks amazing.


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