Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cool Hippie... Ottobre turtleneck top 5-2011-8

I am starting to prepare for the cold weather and have been looking at what my wardrobe needs.

I have a cream turtleneck top (RTW) which does a very heavy rotation through my winter wardrobe, so thought that might be a good place to start.  I have been through my patterns and settled on Ottobre 5-2011-8 Cool Hippie.  I used a stash fabric to try it out and did not have enough for the sleeves, so ended up with a sleeveless option which I like to wear under a cardigan in the office.  

Excuse these photos the collar is curling up at the front, but I have it pulled too low at the front... it doesn't usually sit like that, but my photographer was so intent on checking all the technical aspects of taking the photo, he neglected the fact that the collar was crooked!

I cut the collar piece the wrong way the first time and had enough fabric to cut another but realised after I cut it out that I did not leave seam allowances on it.  So this collar is a little tight, but still wearable.

This photo on Diana shows the collar (not rolling back).  It also shows the stitching detail around the neckline which top stitches the seam down.  I used the honeycomb stitch (Stitch No 25 on my Bernina 440).  It is one of the stitches recommended in the pattern.  I really like it used here.

The back shot...

I have already worn this top to work with my Jalie cardigan and I am really happy to have it in my wardrobe.  The fabric is a cotton/elastane blend rib from

For my long sleeved version, I wanted an ivory/cream fabric and managed to find a self-stripe cotton blend (not 100% sure of the fibre content) in a funny little store in town, that had a pile of remnants bought from another shop which was closing down.  It was $7.50 for a large piece and I managed to cut this top as well as a Jalie camisole.

The collar and cuffs are meant to be made from rib, but I used the same fabric throughout.  I would love to make another one with the rib collar and cuffs, if I could find some fabric for it.

The only pattern alteration made to this one, was to take it in slightly at the sides at waist level.  This time the collar is cut correctly and is a lot more comfortable.

I really like how the cuffs are attached, using the honeycomb stitch again.

I actually liked the way they instruct you to add these cuffs as their method reduces bulk, which may be an issue if you used a rib fabric.

I also ended up making an infinity scarf (no pattern) from a scrap of fabric while I was in my sewing room.  I really like these colours together.

 Another Ottobre top next post and I will eventually get to my Biegnet skirt.  I stuffed up the hemming and need to redo it, but I am waiting until I get black thread on my machine again... We all do that don't we?


  1. I really like that blue top Sue. And I love the topstitching detail. Really nice.

  2. That is a great pattern Sue and all your versions are very nice indeed. The honeycomb stitch does make a nice detail, might have to try that out. Great infinity scarf, on my sewing list as well.

  3. Honeycomb stitch is very pretty. I've used a wider version to finish a tablecloth but your version is much nicer.

    Glad you were able to make these tops in time for the colder weather.

  4. I like that honeycomb stitch.. it looks great. I'll have to try it too.

  5. Lovely tops Sue and a great start to winter sewing

  6. Go cool hippie! I wonder whose job it is to name their patterns.. looks great though - nice choice of top-stitching - not something I would have though of myself.

  7. I have never thought of using a fancy stitch for topstitching either. It looks really nice. I like both of your tops and love the colour of the sleeveless one.

  8. What wonderful turtlenecks! And you're right the decorative stitching does add something special!

  9. Such fab looking turtlenecks, Sue! You wear them SEW well!


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