Thursday, April 19, 2012

Colette patterns Biegnet skirt

Finally finished and worn and photographed!!

The Colette patterns Biegnet skirt.  This has had great reviews and looks great on everyone.  I love it as much as everyone else.  It is a lot of work for a skirt, but so worth it!  It has taken me such a long time to make this I cannot remember too many details for this post.  The main points would be:
  • pretty much made straight from the pattern.  I did muck up one of the front pieces by cutting it slightly too long and then wondered why the pieces did not fit together perfectly... however my fabric has a bit of stretch to it, so I just stretched it (as you do!).  When I went back to the pattern pieces to check the placement of the belt holders, I realised what I had done... it doesn't seem to have had huge ill effects on this skirt... but I have fixed the pattern piece for next time!
  • I used a rayon-poly-lycra woven with enough stretch to make this skirt super-comfortable.  The lining is a rayon.
  •  I did muck up one of the buttonholes (not sure what happened there) but with a lot of unpicking and a bit of interfacing and some stitching over, it seems to be ok now... phew!
 I decided to cover my own this was the button factory...

I interfaced the fabric for the buttons with a light interfacing to try and minimise the shiny metal showing through.
The fabulous lining in this skirt, which is a bit of work, but makes it feel great to wear...

The only other interesting point (to me anyway) was that I finally decided to use my sewing machine feet and used my blind hem foot.  After looking on the Internet as to how to use it was easy-peasy... why haven't I used it before?

Love this skirt...

...and my new top!  This outfit felt so comfortable to wear all day.

Parting shot.. I had a great mail day today.

A beautifully made coin purse from a great sewing buddy and a pattern for an on-line sewing course .... and no bills! ..Ciao!


  1. Lovely outfit and looks fab on you.

  2. I can see why you love it, it's a very flattering skirt on you.

  3. Your version looks great. I really like the contrast lining. I love my blind hem foot too.

  4. Very smart outfit. I love the skirt lining, such a great pop of secret colour

  5. Great skirt and can see it working quite a lot in your wardrobe. Love the top as well.

    I really like post days like that, have you worked out what fabric you are going to use for the dress and that coin purse is cute.

  6. I love that pop of colour in the lining. The beignet has too many buttons for me to ever make so well done!

  7. I enjoy seeing how everyone uses fabulous lining. Your skirt is wonderful and it has a wonderful top too.
    I think I need to learn how to use the blind hemming foot too.
    Lovely coin purse:)

  8. Wow - you've been sewing up a storm. Great skirt and top.

  9. Gorgeous skirt, Sue! Looks super Ka-Yoot with your new top, too.

    Also, enquiring minds want to know what you did to get your hands on one of those coin purses! *grin*

  10. Beautiful skirt! The great thing about putting so much work in a skirt like this is that since it is a timeless design you will always be able to wear it. I love the top too, very nice outfit!

  11. I love my machine blind hem foot! Poof and it's done. I don't always take the time I should to find the right depth for the zigzag, though. Love that skirt lining!

  12. Great looking skirt and top. All your hard work, in all areas, certainly shows. Wish I had your discipline.

  13. Your outfit is so chic! You look fantastic in it!

  14. I really admire your style - you always seem to pull together such a great silhouette - or is it you have a great silhouette to start with??? What a great outfit.


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