Monday, March 2, 2009


I needed a plain simple t-shirt with a sleeve so that I could do a walk in the sun without burning my shoulders. It should be simple to buy something like this but I didn't want to spend a lot of money and the inexpensive one (still Au$25) fitted terribly in the shops, so I decided it would be easier to make it myself. I even had a piece of black cotton interlock left over from another project, so I got out the very successful Jalie 2566 and quickly whipped up a simple t-shirt that cost nothing (as it was a left-over piece of fabric). I was really happy with that and it really makes me understand why we sew - even simple t-shirts!

I needed the top to participate in a fun run called Peak to Park. I did the 4 km walk but would love to try the run next time. I am planning to use this year to improve my (fairly non-existent) running skills. It was a very hot morning (for the first day of Autumn) but they raised over $25,000 for local charities. Their other aim is to encourage people to exercise and it has really sparked my interest in running. I have started running on the treadmill at the gym and when I feel more confident that I won't collapse in a screaming heap on the ground, plan to try running out doors. There is another fun run locally in two weeks that has a 5km and a 10 km option and I am seriously wondering if I could tackle the 5 kms. Is two weeks enough time to at least get to the stage of running the 5km most of the time? hmmm... maybe not....

I have also made another top from this Jalie pattern. This time I did the view with the mock turtleneck and drafted the sleeve to a three quarter length. This lovely fabric was gifted to me by a good friend who bought it thinking of the black McCall's jumper I made recently. I think it goes really well with it. I am thinking I may have to make the cardigan to wear over this top also, perhaps in a black fabric to give it more options for use. (excuse the stern face - kid photographer's aren't renown for giving you warning before they press the button!)
And as it took so long to prepare this post (waiting on the photos), I managed to finish Burda 10-2008-119 Wrap Top. I am a bit neaaahhh... about this top. I thought I was going to love it but I don't. I don't know if it is the fabric I chose or maybe you need a bigger bust to fill it out or what, but it isn't really working for me.
I had even purchased more fabric to make a second version before I finished this one, but have decided against it and will save the fabric for something else.

Note if you make this top - I spent two days mucking about to get the zipper in just to find I could easily pull it over my head. Maybe if you have a larger bust you may need the zip. I also had trouble with pulls in the fabric so found I needed a brand new needle (I used a ball point as it is a stretch satin) and that improved the situation. Of course all the unpicking while I was trying to get the zip in did add more pulls in the fabric also... neeeaaahhh!


  1. Yes, it's so nice to have the simple things that fit. I love being able to whip up a nice t-shirt for myself or my kids. I love that jumper, btw. I must have missed that post.

  2. A lot of cute shirts, no joke!

    Yeah, I can see why the last top may be headed to another new owner. It just looks too big, too something, wrong style, not sure. Oh well, move on and go on to something you do love.

  3. Dang, I can't see the photo of the warp top at all!!

    Love the Jalie tops, and so glad that the yellow/brown fabric stitched up to such a great top - love it under the pinafore!

    I'm hoping to train to run the P2P next year.....

  4. love the tshirt, well done, esp a tried and true pattern. Wrap top, I am with you , maybe it is the fabric and the long sleeves, its not got something but unsure what. Maybe too busy on your tiny frame? Other tihings you have made suit you better. Lovely job all round thou. Chriss

  5. Lovely tops, and they fit you so well!! And the wrap top, that's a style that always works for me!


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