Thursday, March 26, 2009

Don't you love a day off...

Now that work has started again, I have not had much time to sew. In fact I have not sewn anything since I last posted last Thursday... shocking!

As well as work sucking up time, I went away last week-end to Brisbane as I had to drop my hubby off so he could fly to Melbourne to attend a Management School for the week. This however did give me the chance to shop. I was supposed to shop for buttons but of course ended up with more fabric! The first two fabrics pictured below are from Sckaf's. The first is a lovely stretch knit in caramels and browns which will coordinate with a plain brown Cavalli jersey I have in my stash. I pan to make the dress from Vogue 8138 from this fabric and use the brown Cavalli for the jacket. The next jersey fabric across will be used to line the dress as the print fabric is too light for a dress. Then the last fabric is one I picked up at Gardams by chance last week - dirt cheap but with a lovely feel, I plan to make a pair of pants - probably the Alice & Olivia pants I have made previously (V1059).

Well, today I did get to sewing. I had a really quiet day at home. Youngest son went to a mate's house, elder went to the Show (it is a Show holiday here for us) and hubby is still in Melbourne (coming back late tonight). So I planned a day sewing. I was going to keep working on my jacket but I am dithering about the choice of button so put it aside for the moment and traced off and cut-out Burda wof 02-2009-115.
This is to be made in a sage green linen pique I bought from Gorgeous Fabrics. My colours shamelessly copy the ones in the magazine. Today I cut it all which took all day and did a sample of a Hong Kong seam as that is how I plan to finish the inside seams as the jacket is unlined. Here is my sample - I used a pretty left-over from my quilting days which matches the green really well. Having never done a Hong Kong seam before I was surprised at how simple it was.

Purdy, ain't it????


  1. The HK finish such a lovely finish. I love that you've used a constrat print fabric for yours.

  2. Very pretty! And the new fabrics are beautiful. Kudos.

  3. Great new fabrics and don't be shame about copying the models color. It looks great and really like the HK finish, which I am seeing a lot of in stores. I guess they are foregoing linings for Spring & Summer garments.


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