Monday, March 30, 2009

Jacket ...cont....

I have finally settled on a button for my Vogue 8124 jacket. So now I could actually make the bound buttonhole. Once again, I made a sample and then made the buttonhole on my jacket. This is the buttonhole in the real jacket pictured with the button I have chosen next to it. (Looks like it needs a good press yet.)

On the week-end I sewed my BWOF 02-2009-115 up to the stage of adding the pockets and finishing the buttonholes. I had to put it aside to work on the Vogue jacket for my sewing class. I got a little stuck at the collar stage but slept on it and that seemed to clear the block. I am really pleased at how it is coming together. Hopefully soon I will have two new jackets to add to my wardrobe!

Next to do is to start assembling the lining for the Vogue jacket. Next lesson is this Thursday and I want to be as well prepared as I can be.


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