Saturday, February 21, 2009

Burda wof 10-2008-106 Skirt

Yay! I luuurrrvvve this skirt pattern! It is Burda 10-2008-106 which I have been telling you about in the last few blogs. I needed no alterations for a great fit - got to love that!
The first one I made was in a balck cotton with a raised graphic design in it. It is harder to see the details in the black skirt. The second one was in a white with brown check fabric which is a polyester, cotton and elastane mix. Really hard on the finger tips for pinning and hand sewing as the fabric is quite stiff but really suitable for this pattern!
The photo above has it paired with my blouse which is Burda wof 08-2008-103. You can see the cute pleats at the back hem edge in the above photo - I think it is a really cute fashion touch to what could be a plain straight skirt. It is reminiscent of 1940's skirts to me - is that right or is my memory being dodgy?
The walking slit at the front makes it very comfortable to wear.
I am glad I used the black fabric first to try the pattern out and then I used the check fabric as that took more work to match the seams. I didn't try to match the pattern vertically (not sure if I should have done this) but I did concentrate on matching the horizontal lines. I am pretty pleased with how it went. This is a photo of the side seam which has the invisible zipper inserted *head swell* ... yeah I'm pretty chuffed with that!

This is a picture of the lining. It was done in a different way to one I used in my beginner's skirt class. However I really liked their method and it would be very simple to replicate in another pattern. (This is he front of the skirt with the slit).

I used my rolled hem on the overlocker for the hem of the lining and I think I will do that again as it was very successful and simple. The rolled hem facility on my Janome is certainly very good. I also learned how to overlock inside and outside corners so that I could neaten the seams around the slit (as per my previous post).
My review of this skirt is here for those interested.


  1. Nice job matching the plaids! I keep wanting to make that blouse.

  2. Wow, invisible is right, and matching those checks up phew. Good job,. I really liked your little black number in the last post, it will be a handy garment to have. My overlocker is a-rustin in the cupboard. Also thanks for the link to can do books, could be handy or should I say, fatal.

  3. Very nice skirts - and neat little details!

  4. Wow! Great job matching those stripes! And I'm impressed by the zip - now I know where to send mine ;)


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