Monday, February 9, 2009

Slowly moving along...

I am currently working on McCall's 5464.

I am making Version A without the pockets. Similar to the photo on the cover, I am making it in black fabric. I have tissue fit it and found it needed no alterations. When I had sewn the side seams I had Caity come and have a look at it to see if it needed any further alteration and all was declared fitting OK still. I am just doing it in very small bursts between other activities. I feel it is the kind of outfit you should be able to whip up quickly, but my mojo seems to be in go-slow mode so it will happen but not too quickly. However for all that I am very pleased with how it is turning out.

The other project I have been ‘working’ on is BWOF 02-2009-115.

I plan to make this jacket as it seems so well suited to our Queensland climate. I also like the fact that it is the sewing course so hopefully doing the collar won’t be too difficult as I can’t remember if I have ever done one before! I figure if I can’t remember if I have even done one means I should get all the help I can in the construction! All the 'work' I have done so far is to purchase this fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics. I was obviously very heavily influenced by the fabic in the photo! I think it will work well with my colouring and the other items in my wardrobe (and to-be wardrobe).

In other news, The fires in Victoria have been very sad with a great loss of life. I have reached the stage I can no longer watch the in-depth reports on the TV as it makes me feel so sad. However in a twist of fate, I did go and donate blood today (which is just coincidental as I had the time arranged a few weeks ago). I am just glad that I did fulfil that New Year’s resolution and make the appointment. Next step is to donate some money so that the people who have been affected so badly can start rebuilding their lives.


  1. I have been so sorry to hear about the Australian fires as well.

    I really like that dress pattern. I am intrigued by the hybrid princess seams/long dart things going on in the bodice.

  2. I also am sorry to hear about the fires in Australia.

    I am looking forward to M5464, I have the same pattern and interested in your pattern review.


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