Friday, February 20, 2009

McCalls 5464

Yay! Finally something to show on my blog. I have not been working but don't seem to have been very productive on the sewing front either but finally I have managed to actually finish an item, photograph it and review it ... three cheers!
Below are photos of the jumper (pinafore in Australian-ese) with a pretty green top I have bought for the purpose worn underneath.
I think I will get lots of wear out of this 'jumper' / dress and was very happy with the pattern - review is here for those interested.

Thank you
Caity for taking the photos! I have finished a skirt (which I just love) from BWOF and am making a second one. When that one is finished I will review that for you also.


  1. Very cute! And I love your little bridge!

  2. It's the perfect LBD!! Well done!

  3. Looks GREAT, well done! And very cute with that top. Now - accessories??

  4. Very nice skirts. I am impressed with the matched plaid.


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