Monday, June 16, 2008


Today I braved the Spotlight sale and bought this fabric from the $2 clearance table - yep you say $2 (she paid too much) ... the colours are not showing true here as I photographed it instead of scanning it, so the background 'yellow' is actual a white/cream so the whole fabric is actually white/tan/red/black, not yellow/gold/orange/black as it looks here. I think it will make a cute simple t-shirt.
I also bought Vogue 8157 (half price) and some Deboinare fabric ($7.95/m) which is a stretch woven - Poly/ Viscose-Rayon/ elastane mix in a chocolate brown from which I will make View A - the mid calf pants. I thought these would be great to wear on Holiday and I would also be able to use this pattern to enter the Adv Beginner competition on Pattern Review.
Well the pattern is simpler to make than I anticipated with the buttons really only being decorative, but never mind - I don't expect to win the competition - I only want to participate. I like the idea of these comps to keep myself motivated to try new things. I had anticipated a more complex pattern - being pants, but these will fit the bill nicely for my holiday as well, so worth the effort of making them before I go away!


  1. boy oh boy Sue, you are really getting into this sewing, and doing a mighty fine effort too. I loved the shirts in previous posts. you go girl

  2. I bought the same fabrifc in the red/black colourway - it's actually much nicer than it looks here on the blog!!e

  3. I can't believe that's the same fabric - what a weird colour it turned in the photo!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

    I haven't sewed in about a month. I really need to get back on it!


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