Saturday, June 21, 2008


I think I have a gaposis problem in my Vogue pants. I have been making these pants and reached a stage where I could try them on....

I don't think they should be sitting that far out from my back waist. Do I have a sway-back? I have looked at my fitting book and it doesn't seem helpful. It talks about wrinkles in the back waist - this is no wrinkle - you could slide anything down that gap! I don't know whether I just take it in the centre back seam or what - I may have to call for help on this one.

In other pant news. We went shopping today for clothes for my youngest who is 15 but fits into size 10 clothes. This elastic was in two of the pants we bought. It is great as being a bit of a string bean you just pull the elastic and move the button along to another buttonhole in the elastic - what a great idea - maybe that's what I need?


  1. I'd forgotten about that button elastic - maybe I should incorporate some once my waist starts to shrink, LOL!

    Meantime - Hmmm, Fit For Real People book and back issues of Threads to the rescue, I reckon - although from the photo the pants fit well up until the yoke....

  2. Hi Sue.....I too have the same problem with pants, sorry I can't help, but will keep looking to hopefully find an answer. I tend not to make pants for that very reason. I never know whether to take in the back or sides.

    BTW I've seen that "slotted" elastic for sale at Spottys in Brisbane. It's in my little girls jeans - lifesaver. They too have the same back gaposis prob as me. Aren't genes great!


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