Thursday, August 22, 2013

A new song for Summer ... Linnea top Ottobre 02-2010-01

I love the idea of capsule sewing and my first capsule piece is another Linnea top. 

I made this top pattern previously in a wool jersey and loved this little top.  However I managed to mix it into the wrong load in the laundry and it washed too hot and it shrunk!  Still sulking about that one...

I have decided to start my summer sewing, even though we have just experienced a cold snap and I am in full-on winter again here!   Like I said, I love the idea of capsule sewing and also the endless combinations idea where each piece goes with the previous one, so that you never have an orphan.  For my first piece I have used a remnant piece of 'Designer Blend Bamboo Jersey' bought from Gorgeous Fabrics.  It is left over from making this top.  I bought this fabric in 2009, it is lovely but I am happy it is all used up now!  The green is not showing up accurately -  it is greener IRL (more like in these previous photos).

This top is so easy and quick to make and uses up these little pieces really well.  Two pieces, turn over hems and twin needle!  The hardest part is handling the soft fabric while twin-needling, but I use steam-a-seam lite to hold it and give it some body.  Maybe one day I will give in and buy a coverstitch machine, but for the moment this method serves me well.

The photos are shown on Diana, when I get the next few pieces made I will photograph them on me. :)  This is one I am considering sewing next, Another Ottobre from the same issue.

Ciao folks ... hope the weather is good in your part of the world... have you started sewing for the next season yet??


  1. Hi Sue, I can see this being a very versatile top and the neckline is lovely!

  2. Cute top and love the colour!

  3. Nice top. I bet that neckline looks fab on you. Look forward to seeing your version of the shorts.

  4. Great top and a really good selection for a capsule wardrobe. I haven't started spring/summer sewing yet, I think I'll focus (what little time I have)on transitional items.

  5. Gorgeous top, Sue. I can see this capsule is going to be super fabulous!


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