Monday, September 2, 2013

Linnea top and Scooter pants... Ottobre 02-2010

Scooter pants!  I would have to make these pants just for the name of them!!  They are from Ottobre 02-2010 and are pattern no. 2.  They pair these pants with the Linnea top (No. 1) and I have done exactly the same...

From the Ottobre 02-2010 magazine
 I did make a muslin of these pants and removed some excess fabric from the front crotch.  If you can see it, this is the alteration on the pattern tissue.

I think I may still need to scoop (?? never sure of the terminology) it a bit more.  I think there is still a bit of puffiness there.  Any tips??  Here is the pics on me..

and the back... excuse the bra strap (why doesn't the photographer never notice these things??)

A detail picture of the front showing the tabs and the yoke.

I like these pants and the top and think I will wear them a lot.  I will try pinning the front seam in a bit more (or maybe I should baste instead of pin!!) and see if that helps with the excess fabric.

Next up I am sewing for the mini wardrobe contest on pattern review.  The pieces I have chosen work in with these two pieces so I am really hoping I can build myself a cohesive wardrobe.

The plan ...

Like everyone who enters this contest I am not sure if I will make the deadline as I have a week's holiday planned toward the end of the month, but I will give it my best shot. 

Ciao!  the contest has started and I need to get to my cutting table!


  1. I like your versions better than theirs. Great colours and you've done a lovely job on those front flaps.

  2. Those scooter pants do look good. I laughed.. basting is better in that spot! They look great together.

  3. Great looking scooter pants and love the colour combination. Sorry no help with the adjustment though.

  4. I think the fit is great! Such a cute outfit, you have a great wardrobe started.

  5. What a great start to your wardrobe. I like how you're already thinking ahead.

  6. Great pants and top. You will get a lot of wear out of them I am sure.

  7. Oh nice! I made these once yonks ago (in very thin fabric and that version went to the charity shop pretty quick). Should make another version in proper fabric, they fit quite well and are a nice basic style. That last shirt looks nice too.

  8. What a great outfit! And fits right in with your mini wardrobe.

    Good luck for making the deadline! I will be away the last 2 weekends but also hope to be making it on time. I guess that means more sewing during the week for us ;)


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