Sunday, March 10, 2013

Playing with yarn...

Since the holiday to Kingfisher Bay Resort my sewing mojo has really flown out the window.  I did get all enthused and made up a little wardrobe capsule plan to move my wardrobe into the cooler weather, but have only managed one piece from it so far (which still requires some work). 

I loved my little capsule of clothes I made for the holiday and loved how everything coordinated so well together, so I do think the capsule idea is worth pursuing.  I will show you my capsule plan here, but please don't expect to see all these pieces turn up any time too soon :)

What have I been doing instead of sewing... playing with yarn.  During our holiday it rained a bit, so I had one afternoon and a ferry boat ride to start crocheting...

This is a Jenny King pattern - the marigold bolero and the pattern is really well written ... up until the last round.  I think JK ran out of steam at the point, but I put a question up on a forum on Ravelry and got a reply the next morning from Jenny herself.  You can't ask for better service than that!

I must have had a brain snap with crocheting on holidays and my motifs came out too small (when I thought I had measured them) so once again my bolero looks a little smaller than the one on the pattern, but after some steam blocking I am happy enough with the fit.

I am on ravelry as quiltsewsewsue so please friend me there if you use this great site.

Since then I have got bitten by the knitting bug.  I have left many comments on people's posts about their knitting, wishing I could knit the great garments they make and have decided that now is the time.  The Internet is a great resource and via YouTube and craftsy's class Knit Lab I am making progress on the knitting front also.  I highly recommend this class if anyone is looking to learn to knit BTW.

Pictures of my knitting next time... Ciao!


  1. Funny you did a post on crochet. I have just signed up to craftys crochet course to learn how. It must be in the air. Love your shrug. Very nice indeed.

  2. Your bolero is so pretty. I cannot seem to get my head around crochet, although I love knitting.
    Your capsule plan looks really good. I love the warm colours and the variety and interest in the tops. Good luck!
    I have been sewing a capsule for my older daughter - business type clothes, and it does make a more versatile wardrobe compared to a series of outfits.

  3. I have been doing a little bit of crochet but am totally hopeless at knitting. Thanks for the knitting link. I'll check it out.

    I love the idea of a capsule too. I'm just getting back to dressmaking after many years. I always did our sewing when the kids were little but haven't done anything for many years. Have been a mad patchworker but I find all the sewing blogs so inspirational.

  4. Love your capsule planning and I look forward to seeing it appear, no matter how slowly.

    Your bolero is cute and the colour is gorgeous.

  5. That's beautiful. It must be so satisfying to wear clothes you've sewn, knitted or crocheted.


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