Monday, March 18, 2013

Knitting... honey cowl

I have learnt circular knitting my making the honey cowl and my Ravelry entry is here for those who use Ravelry.

I made it in a beautiful Noro yarn that was gifted to me and apart from being a joy to work with those gorgeous colours, the cowl has a beautiful drape.  I am very happy with it and can see it being used a lot this winter... especially when the day needs a shot of happy colour.  Photos are all that is left...

Cowl wrapped twice...

Left long...

A first - circular knitting...

and a close-up of the lovely pattern and yarn...



  1. Looking good, Sue, looking good. I'm impressed with your expanding crafty skills.

  2. I love it wrapped twice. The colours are fantastic.

  3. Oh, you made this! I have the pattern in my Ravelry queue, just think it's so pretty. Love yours!

  4. Great cowl, Sue. I hear nothing but good things about Noro.

  5. knitting in the round sounds scary, I'm a terrible knitter and can barely knit a straight scarf! But your cowl is fantastic and a good reason to learn

  6. Gorgeous cowl and love knitting in the round.

  7. That looks fun to knit. The Noro has such beautiful colours and the cowl has turned out beautifully.


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