Sunday, February 24, 2013

Style Arc Suzie top

As part of my resort wear I made the StyleARC Suzie top.  I liked this pattern when it first came out - it is my style.  I am a little surprised I have not seen a review of it yet though.   I made a size 8 which is my top size by bust measurement.  I have made a jacket (the Maggie jacket) in a size 8 and it fit really well.   I am saying this as the fit is snug on this one. 

I let out the tucks at the waist on the back piece.

Otherwise I made no changes to the pattern.  However it is snug at the bust and tends to ride up a bit, so if I were to make this again I need to work out how to add a bit of extra fabric there.  I think that shows in this photo...

If I get around to writing a review, I would have to say that No, it doesn't look like the line drawing.  The shoulders are much more cut in than the pattern shows.  I don't mind the cut-in shoulders, but it does mean you have to choose your underwear carefully.

I am wondering if I need a size up on this pattern or if a fba would be enough.  I like the top and may make another if I can work out how to get it to fit a bit better. Not sure I can be bothered though... 

BTW - I have changed my comments to be moderated now and may also have to stop allowing Anonymous comments.  I don't want to turn on the word verification as I am not fond of that feature, however  I am getting a really large amount of spam comments and it is not a fun part of blogging to have to go through and delete them all...  

Ciao for now kittens! 


  1. I like the colour and think that an FBA would probably solve your problems.

    No one ever spams my blog.....maybe cos no one reads it? LOL

  2. Love the colour on you - this little top has some lovely features that are flattering.
    As for the spam comments, which really are extremely annoying, some of them do give a little laugh - you wonder who in the world has the time to waste and send out such useless comments...J

  3. Lovely blouse Sue. It's interesting to hear your thoughts as I made a muslin of the sleeved version yesterday using my usual SA size. The size that corresponds with my bust m'ment and my blouse was huge through the bust. I'll have to size down.

  4. Wow Sue, I just went back through your latest posts on all the resort wear you made. Everything looks beautiful. I love the pants and shorts you made as well. This top is such a pretty shade of red, and I like the cut in shoulders too. What great pieces to have added to your wardrobe!

  5. Lovely Sue! Thanks for your notes on pattern sizing and armscye shaping... I do like the cut in shoulders on you.

  6. I love cut in shoulders, so this pattern looks like a winner to me!

  7. Hi Sue.
    This is a great resort wear shirt. Have a play with it again and see how you go. It already looks good but you need to feel comfortable.
    I've had to change the comments bit on my blog too because of the spamming. Sometimes there's more weird spamming than others.

  8. Love the colour of this top and the style is cute. Interesting about the cut in shoulders.

  9. This is really pretty. I love that rich red color and the gather and tuck details add that little something special.

  10. Love it! Maybe just FBA, the fit is nice.


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