Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kingfisher Bay Resort... piccies

Photos of my mini-vacation (including some of the resort wear collection)...

Big bad banksia man...

Blue linen shirt over togs...

Crocodile Sung choi bao 
Pandanus roots

Dinner outfit (note shortened top...)

Rain on the way...

Sytelearc top back (to be reviewed)
Style arc top front (to be reviewed)

Sunset on the beach...

I wasn't by myself... :)

Another sunset shot...

the pool...
A review of the stylearc top to follow... Ciao kittens!


  1. Oh Sue lucky you! Kingfisher Bay Resort is a fabulous fun place not to mention Fraser Island being great fun. Hope you don't get much rain. Your outfits look really great.

  2. Looks like a lovely mini-vacation and really like your resort wear styles!

  3. Have a very happy holiday:) Beautiful scenery and fantastic travel wear what more can one hope for, oh! of course the companion is the dot on i:)

  4. You look gorgeous, and so does the resort!!!

  5. Lovely pics. Looks like a great holiday and a so stylish one too. Those outfits are great.

  6. Lovely resort and glad you had a good time!!

  7. Your resort wear is perfect. My place is on the way to Fraser from Toowoomba - I hope you liked it so much you are going again, because I would love to meet you for coffee some time! (Sorry, no fabric shopping trip locally, sigh)

    1. It would have been great to catch up and I thought of you while we were driving that way. It was a bit of a flying visit this time, but I will let you know if I am coming up that way again. :)

  8. Oooh that holiday looks hard to take, especially the pool, LOL..
    Lovely clothing wardrobe you managed to whip up for yourself. Very chic.


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