Saturday, June 2, 2012

Burda 04-2009-101 Corduroy skirt

Burda 04-2009-101 has been brought back to my attention since Pattern Review has run their Best of Patterns Contest recently.  This was a best pattern of 2009.

I needed some skirts for Winter and decided to blatantly copy be inspired by Sharonspils skirt.

This is view B - no pockets or top-stitching.

Made in brown corduroy with some vintage yellow buttons..

I did make real buttonholes.  I know they are only decorative and a lot of people didn't bother but I prefer the look.  I think I need to get some accessory in yellow to play up the yellow buttons.

If you look carefully you can see the tab panels where the buttons are located are a darker brown than the rest of the skirt.  Somehow I got the nap going the wrong way and didn't notice until the skirt was finished.  Opps! - however if you are going to get the nap wrong on this skirt it was probably the best place to do it!

The skirt is a little big in the waist, but as I will probably be tucking in winter tops so I think it will be ok.  Can I admit I did not try this skirt on until I finished it - real slapdash sewing!  Ha!

Back view...

I did line this skirt but haven't got photos but brown lining in a brown skirt - not so exciting!   

I plan to make another one of these in denim.  It will be unlined and will feature top stitching, pockets and jeans buttons.  I know it won't be as warm as this one but I am going to Brisbane for the week-end soon, so hope I will get the lovely warm sunny winter days that Brisbane does so well!

Ciao!  More winter sewing soon...


  1. Nice skirt Sue. You obviously got the lining worked out. :) Nice job.

  2. So glad I could provide the inspiration for you and love your skirt and the lovely pop of yellow. I also want to make another in denim, all 3 have been in corduroy so far, but first a black skirt for a function on Friday night.

  3. Nice job Sue, I rally like that style. I have to say though, there hasn't been much of that Brisbane sunshine the last week so I hope it improves before you get here! But it is warm!

  4. Love your skirt Sue. Now who do I know who wears that one A LOT??? ;)

  5. Lovely skirt Sue, the pattern will look great in denim too!

  6. I've had this pattern in my queue since 2009. I might get around to sewing it this year! I love the yellow buttons; I have a cardigan that colour that would be perfect with this skirt.

  7. Skirt looks great - though your next one might need to be waterproof....rain, rain and more rain in Brissie at the moment!!!

  8. Great skirt Sue. Cord skirts are fab for winter.

  9. Very cute! Love those yellow buttons for a touch of whimsy.

  10. Very nice version of this pattern. I made mine out of stretch denim and included the topstitching and pockets, and it is one of my favorites.


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