Thursday, June 21, 2012

Striped top Burdastyle 02-1010-112

Burdastyle 02-2010-112.  I can't seem to link to a Burda site to get a picture of the pattern, but is is basically a wide necked (boat neck?) style with raglan sleeves.  Burda has a striped version so the stripe matching lines are marked on the pattern.  An interesting point, considering the one pictured in the magazine has no stripe matching going on!

I hope to get some 'proper' modeled photos but in the interest of keeping my blog posting going, I have taken some photos of my finished top on Diana.

This fabric was not easy to work with, but I still managed some stripe matching.  I was wondering if I perhaps shouldn't have pre-washed this fabric before cutting as the stripes seemed to go very skew-wiff.  I did not look at it closely before washing but it seemed a reasonable quality fabric so I was surprised at how wonky the stripes lay and how difficult this fabric was to cut.

I made this top to the pattern, except I cut the sleeves slightly shorter, as they are 4cm longer than normal and much as I like this look, I have other tops with this feature and just wanted this one a bit more regular length.

The facing on the neckline is a bit bulky and if I was to make it again, I would finish the neckline differently.

I am hoping this will be a nice layering piece.  I plan to make a black jacket and can see it under that with my dotted scarf or perhaps with jeans for the week-end.

I still have one skirt  not photographed yet so more posts soon... Ciao! 


  1. I am thinking about making this sort of shirt. What neckline finish would you use next time?

    1. Either a more regular bound finish or turn under and stitch. Probably depends on the fabric.

  2. Nice job matching the stripes Sue.

  3. Another great garment, Sue. This one looks like it'll get heaps of wear. I'm impressed with the stopes matching. I've not ever tried to do that...yet.

  4. Nice stripe matching! The raglan sleeves make the stripes interesting.

  5. Great job with the stripes!

  6. Cute top and agree you did a great job of matching the stripes.

  7. What a fantastic addition to your wardrobe and good job matching those stripes!

  8. Excellent job on the stripe matching and such a great coloured T.


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