Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Burda 12-2008-109 - in review

You are probably over this dress, but I did promise a review and this is the easiest way to post some extra piccies.

Pictured with my bag, so great to hang in your wrist, while sipping bubbles and eating yummies...

I made a muslin of this dress - pictures here and I would recommend this step (but I suppose most people would do that for a dress like this).  The muslin helped me work out how to construct the dress and assisted in the fit.  The main change I made to the pattern was to widen the side seams by 0.5cm on each seam which added up to a change of 2cm (or about 3/4") overall.  I also lowered the armhole by cutting it lower by about 1cm and taking this back to nothing about 2/3 the way around.

I did have an issue working out how to attach the shoulder straps. I have shown the shoulder strap in the muslin photos but here is a shot of the inside showing the facing sewn to the back of the shoulder strap.

This is after I have wore the dress, so please excuse the wrinkles.  The facing is probably the part of the pattern I like the least.  I sewed it down by hand and initially I sewed it all the way but I wasn't happy with it, so sewed it as the recommended to the back of the strap and about 5cm (2") past it.  For a dress that won't be worn heavily this is probably ok, but I wouldn't like this finish in a dress worn a lot.  The seam with the facing and the collar is very thick, but is well hidden under the collar.  I also like how the zip pull hides under the collar at the back.

More shots...


the overlap, which means no flashing...

The full review is here.



  1. Just beautiful. The colour and style are so good on you, and what a good fit.

  2. Never get over this dress - it is beautiful - great pictures Sue. You must be so proud of this dress - it is a wonderful creation.

  3. so glamourous and sexy!!!!!

  4. Thanks for posting generously about this dress, it is not only gorgeous but interesting.

  5. You have created a gorgeous gown and your work shows through the fit. I love the dress, and will never get sick of it, now it is a pity we aren't the same size :)

  6. How beautiful. The colour is very striking and the execution is amazing.


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